Freezing food for preservation is easily done - and easily done incorrectly. Discover the best practices for everything from herbs to fruits and veggies at Tips and tricks included!

Freezing Food

with Sharon Peterson
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Occasionally freezing food, is preferable to canning or dehydrating. Freezing Food is another great way to preserve it. 

  • Strawberries are great in jam or jelly but they are more appetizing frozen rather than canned. 
  • My husband and sons love frozen cherries right out of the freezer on a hot summer day. So I can some and freeze some. 
  • If you end up with more than you'll be able to can in a reasonable time, freezing is a great way to take care of that excess quickly. Remember the sooner you process your foods the better the quality will be. 


Freezing apples is a great way to enjoy them later in the year. There's more to it than just putting them in the freezer, though.

Click here to learn more about freezing apples. 


Frozen bananas are a treat all by themselves but are equally delicious when cut into sundaes, oatmeal, or used for making banana bread.

Click here to learn more about freezing bananas.


Frozen cherries are easy to do but can use a lot of freezer space while processing. Make sure you have room!

Click here to learn more about freezing cherries.

Corn (Both on and off the cob)

Freezing corn both on or off the cob requires processing to ensure your corn doesn't dry out or go stale.

Click here to learn the process for freezing corn. 

Green Beans

Freezing green beans is one of the best ways to ensure you're keeping the nutrients intact. They require being blanched beforehand!

Click here to learn how to freeze green beans.


Three best methods for freezing herbs. Though all herbs can be frozen or dried, some herbs freeze better than dehydrating.

Click here to learn more about freezing herbs.


Freezing peas takes a bit more effort than just tossing it into a bag and then the freezer but it's worth it!

Click here to learn about freezing peas.


Freezing peppers is something that pays for itself in the middle of winter. They can be added to so many dishes!

Click here to learn about freezing peppers.


Rhubarb is one of those things that can become quickly overwhelming. By the time it's ready to be picked, you're busy with other things in the garden. Freezing is a great way to preserve it for later.

Click here to learn about freezing rhubarb.


When it comes to freezing spinach (and other greens), there's only one way to ensure it will last.

Click here to learn more about freezing spinach.


Strawberries are one of those fruits that you can freeze in multiple ways. Click here to learn more about freezing strawberries


Freezing tomatoes no blanching required.  Just pop them in the freezer and watch what happens when you take them out.  

Click here to learn more. 


Ever have a craving for zucchini bread in February? By freezing some, you can have it whenever you want!

Click here to learn about freezing zucchini.


Freezing parsnips: Root crops like turnips and parsnips are easy to freeze prepared for roasting and for use in recipes when you take it out of the freezer. 

Click here to learn more about freezing parsnips.

Freezing Raspberries


Freezing raspberries is probably the best way to preserve red raspberries, since they don't hold up to canning as well as other fruit.

Click here to learn more about freezing raspberries.

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