Do I have to process home canned salsa?

by Sheila

I made salsa with a friend and am not sure if I "trust it". We had a borrowed recipe (with vinegar in it) but the part I question is that we did not use pressure or boiling water technique.

We heated the washed jars in the oven, then put the cooked (boiling) salsa into the hot jars and but the hot lids on. They did all seal.

Is this good enough? I thought it had to go into the pot and boil the whole jar? As you can tell I am a very beginner! Thanks very much.



Hi Sheila, You are correct. You should always process home canned foods in either a water bath canner or a pressure canner, depending on the food type. Salsa can be safely processed in a water bath canner.

Here is a link describing Water bath canning

What you did is called open kettle canning. This is where the food is put into the jars hot and allowed to cool on it's own. You can get a seal this way but there is no guarantee that the food inside has been cleared of any spoiling factors.

Open kettle canning used to be common but it is now not recommended. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I hope that helps.


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canning salsa
by: Anonymous

I do not have a "canner".. is it ok to use another type of pan to "can" salsa in..I boiled the jars and lids, made the salsa according to it says I can freeze or put in a boiling bath I need a CANNER?? or can I use any pan as long as the jar is entirely covered with hot water?? can I lay the jars on their sides??..thank you!


Yes is is ok to use another pot. As you say, it just needs to be deep enough that your jars are covered with water. You will also need some sort of a rack to keep your jars off the bottom of the pot. Don't lay your jar on their sides. They do need to be upright and covered with water.

Fresh salsa
by: Anonymous

Can I can using a water bath method fresh salsa? That is not boiling salsa outside of jars with lids and rings on.

does salsa have to be processed
by: steph

My brother made salsa but did not process just turned it over to seal lids is it safe to eat.

Salsa should be processed in a waterbath canner. the salsa that your brother made should be stored in the fridge and used. It should not be stored on the shelf.

How much vinegar and how long to water bath?
by: Kathie

I love my home made salsa. Two quarts of tomatoes...1 onion...cayenne peppers ( fresh)...and spices. All cooked stovetop first. My can it, do I need to add vinegar ? How long should I water bath the pints? Is there a formula used?


Great Question. There is no formula pers say... but the safety of your recipe does depend on the ph level of the mixture. And that PH level will depend on the ratio of tomatoes, vinegar, and veggies. I do not give processing advice for personal recipes as there is no way for me to know what the ph of your recipe is.

My recommendation is that you find a tested recipe that is similar to your recipe as far as the tomato, vinegar, vegetable ingredients. Then you can adjust the spices to your taste liking.

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