Dandelion Flower Salve

Ah...making dandelion flower salve. There’s something so peaceful about coming out into my yard and picking dandelions with the chickens helping me. When I was gathering dandelions for this recipe, it had rained the night before, so it was absolutely beautiful outdoors.

Dandelion Flower Salve

Dandelion Salve Video

A quick video of me out in the yard gathering dandelions.  

How to Pick Dandelions for Dandelion Flower Salve

Chickens The hens came to see
what I was doing.
Dandelion flowers.

For this recipe, I picked 4 cups for a double batch. A single batch requires 2 cups of dandelion flowers.

Pick just the dandelion heads (not the whole stem). You don’t have to pull all of the petals out like if you were making dandelion jelly. Instead, just pluck the dandelion heads and put them into your container. Gently pack down the dandelions in your glass measuring container a bit, so you have a full two cups.

After that, spread them out on a tray inside the house. This lets them them dry out.  I left mine on the tray all that day and then overnight.  The flowers will wither and close up.  That is ok.  You will be adding them to oil in the next step and that oil soaks right through.  The closed blossoms are no problem.  

(Keep reading for instructions.)

Make the Dandelion Salve Recipe 

First, make dandelion oil. 

Collect dandelion flower heads and combine with olive oil. The ratio will be approximately 1 cup blossoms to 1 1/2 cups oil.  (you can also use a different oil of your choice.) 

There are two ways to proceed from here. 

  1. allow the blossoms to soak in oil for several days to a week  
  2. simmer the blossoms in oil

I saw many people who simply allowed the blossoms and oil to soak in the oil.  However I also saw that some had issues with the moisture in the flowers causing mold and spoilage.  The flowers do dry but they are not exactly dehydrated fully.   

Sooo.... I opted not to do this.  I went for the simmering option below, which is quicker anyway! 

Making your dandelion oil by simmering.  

Flowers in crockpot.

Bring the oil and blossoms to a simmer in a large pot for 2-3 hours. Strain out dandelions.

(Hint: I used my crockpot!)

Put the oil and blossoms in the crockpot on high. When it has fully heated up, turn to low and let simmer 2-3 hours. I had the lid on while it was heating up, but then took it off for the simmering time. My crockpot kept it at a nice, low simmer. You’ll need to watch yours as pots differ.

This simmer method is quicker and any moisture is not a problem.  

Straining out flowers.
Finished dandelion oil!

Strain out the flowers. I used a metal mesh strainer and then put it through a coffee filter, but this was rather slow. Next time I will use cheesecloth, and I recommend you do too!  

Allow to cool, and then store in a cool, dark place. Mine went into 2 quart jars in my pantry. 

Next, make the dandelion salve.  

Beeswax melting.
Pouring liquid salve into canning jar.


  • 1/2 cup dandelion oil
  • 2 T beeswax pellets ("pastilles" is what my package says) 
  • 10 drops essential oil (This is optional, and you can choose the oil you prefer.  I chose peppermint as it is good for muscles.)  


Heat the oil and beeswax in a double boiler until melted. Allow to cool slightly (about 4-5 minutes), then add essential oils. Pour into small jar and allow to cool.  

Use this dandelion flower salve on sore muscles. The bonus is your hands will be super smooth too! 

So what is dandelion salve good for??  

Use this dandelion flower salve on sore muscles. The bonus is your hands will be super smooth too! 

Rub it on sore muscles, and in dry skin.  Make those heels soft and smooth again.  I often rub it on my shoulder that decides to ache on some days.  It seems to work! 

Dandelion Flower Salve: A Simple Recipe
Dandelion Flower Salve: Homemade Recipe Perfect for DIYers
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