A Cherry Pitter That Works

Cherry Pitters can be frustrating. Here’s one that actually works!

Fillmore Container sent me this cherry pitter to try out. I've never found one that works so I have to say I was skeptical. 

And I even told Filmore that before they sent it! 

We are preserving cherries today and guess what... it works!   Even my son said it worked. 

I did a video of 2 of my boys pitting cherries at our kitchen counter.   Scroll on down to see it in action.  

Simply Canning Kids and the cherry pitter.

Here is a video of 2 of my boys working on a box of cherries.   They both said they liked the way this one works.... and believe me if they didn't they would not have said it.  :)  I love the no mess factor!  Until the boys start cherry wars. 

Click the image below to watch the video.  


Cherry pitter top.

My pitter came with an extra rubber.  See the little rectangle space where the cherry sits?  That has a rubber gasket that sits in that round hole making the rectangle slot.  The pit goes down into the jar through that slot.

With use, the gasket does get stretched out, so check that.  If the hole is stretched, you might want to replace it with this gasket.

Cherry on pitter.Works best if you have the cherry stem side up.
Cherry pits.All the cherry pits end up in the jar, and the mess is minimal!

Another kind of cherry pitter.One of our failed pitters from years ago.

This is my son using a pitter years ago.... we really tried to make it work.  I don't remember the brand of that pitter.  But it was not family approved in my house.  

He ended up filling that little bowl and then switching to a small piece of tubing and just poking out the pits.  

And that is how we have pitted our cherries for years.  

Pain in the behind! Huge mess. But it got the job done.  And gave ups many cute pictures.  :)  (see below!) 

Cherry juice.

It works on thawed cherries??  

So, I'm adding this little section today.   I made this cherry cobbler for my guys for supper.  I pulled some cherries out of the freezer (the recipe works for frozen cherries too).   What I thought were pitted cherries turned out to be cherries with the pits!  That is the pits.... (pun intended.)  

Pitting thawed cherries.

After mashing up a few soft soggy frozen then thawed cherries with my fingers to get the pits out, I decided to go ahead and give this cherry pitter a try.  Honestly I didn't think it would work.  In case you don't know, cherries are super soft and soggy when frozen then thawed.  I figured the pitter would just create mush.  Well to my surprise it didn't do too bad.  Not as effective or clean as with fresh cherries but it did work.  

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