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Preserving Cherries

How to preserve cherries by canning, freezing, cobbler recipes and more.  

Preserving Cherries - FaceBook Live Show.  

Canning Cherries

Have convenient jars to have on hand for pies, cobbler, or just pouring over ice cream. 

Click here for complete instruction on how to can cherries.  

Freezing Cherries

This method of freezing cherries makes it so you can just pull a few from the freezer and pop them in your mouth. YUM! Cold and icy.

Click here to learn about how to freeze cherries.

Sweet Cherry Jam

Opening a jar of jam is a special treat anytime but in the middle of the winter, it's summer in a jar!

Click here to learn how to make cherry jam.

Cherry Pie Filling

Making Sweet Cherry Pie Filling is a snap if you can this ahead of time. Enjoy cherry pie year round!

Click here to learn how to make cherry pie filling. 

Cherry Cobbler

Old fashioned goodness with a simple old fashioned recipe. Does it get any better? Here's a recipe to make Cherry Cobbler.

Click here to learn about making cherry cobbler.

A Cherry Pitter that Works

After a lot of frustration and trying several kinds, we finally found a cherry pitter that works.

Click here to learn more about this great cherry pitter!

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