Canning School Success stories

This page is a place for Simply Canning School members to share the wins!  Big and small.  Whether they just processed a first batch or took the plunge and bought a pressure canner.  Here are the stories.

Canning School Members share

Tomatoes by Michael Donawho

I attempted my first pressure canning of some beefsteak tomatoes yesterday.  All the kids are sucked down and don't pop so I believe I have a good seal.  

Thank you so much for the wonderful class and help!!  You are amazing. My wife and I are so excited to learn and you explain so well. 

Michael Donawho

Jam by Caroline Hatley

 This month was orange marmalade and I used naval oranges but didn’t have a lot of juice so used liquid pectin to get it to turn. 

Caroline Hatley

Roma Tomatoes by Julanna Morris Vicencio

I used your recipe for Roma tomatoes and I added fresh basil

Julanna Morris Vicencio

Note from Sharon... remember using dried seasonings is recommended.  :)  

by Deborah Binkley

A photo of strawberry jam that I made in March from last year’s strawberries that were in the freezer. 

Deborah Binkley

Cherries by Sandra Bursztyn

Sharon, I canned cherries for the first time using your recipe. I love watching your demonstrations. They are very informative and helpful. Thank you!

Sandra Bursztyn

Vegetable Broth by Sandra Bursztyn

Vegetable Broth. 8 pints of golden deliciousness. Thank you, your lessons are exactly what I was looking for.

Sandra Bursztyn

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