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Canning raspberry jelly

by Gail Holleran
(Ann Arbor, MI)

We attempted to can raspberry jelly and did everything as stated.

However, we did not see the "Do not double the recipe" section until after we had sent the jars to the "bath". Now the jelly is very runny.

What can we do to remedy this?

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Reprocessing jam and jelly
by: Sharon

Hi there, this can be remedied. All you need to do is re-cook and re-process the jam.

My recommendation is to go ahead and get a package of pectin. There are directions in the package on reprocessing jams and jelly.


I did use liquid pectin and made one batch at a time. I just didn't add as much sugar as called for. I only made it this morning. How long does it take to set up?

I actually made basil jelly. Looks good, smells good, tastes good, but not jelled at all.

bubble tops
by: judy

I made pepper jelly in Septemer 2011. I did it as I have always in the past. I opened the box to get one out (2 months later) and only 1 in the box did not "pot" when I touched it--are the rest ready for the TRASH?

how to strain fruit jelly or wine???
by: vat.sal

Hi! Its my first time canning . how do you strain your seeds to make jelly? thank you .

I use my Squeezo Strainer. It works great!

There are other brands of food strainers available at Amazon

Hope that helps.

How to strain seeds
by: Leanna

(Hi! Its my first time canning . how do you strain your seeds to make jelly? thank you)

You use a canning strainer and cheese cloth, it can be a little time consuming but well worth it.

Strawberry kiwi Jam
by: rhouston62

Hello I am in the process of canning this year and did a great job so far on Blueberry Jam and Strawberry Jam. Since I had left over Strawberries I decide to look online to see what else could I can.

I found a recipe for Strawberry and Kiwi Jam of course I was like the lady before where I didn't see do not double.

Anyway it did not set well I remember in the past where this happen to my mother and she recook it and everything turn fine.

Well I recooked it and it still has not set yet. My stepmother suggest I give it some time I told her my blueberry and strawberry jam didn't have to wait. She canned the same thing and her's came out soupy but after 3 days it did finally set.

My daughter thought because of the 2 fruits this is why it has not set right away.

Strawberry and raspberry
by: Pam

I made my second batch yesterday and its not setting. I smashed in processor this time. Will that change things? Do i need to add more pectin, recook and process? Also, i used liquid. Can i use powder diluted or should i use liquid again if i need to recook?

It is possible that since you use the processor you simply over mashed it. You don't want to puree the fruit, just smash it up.

As far as reprocessing. I've never had good luck wiht that. I'd just recommend following the instructions in the box of pectin. There are instructions specifically for reprocessing.

Or do as I do....just change the name. Call it ice cream topping or strawberry/raspberry syrup. And call it good!

Failed to jell
by: CAS

I also made grape jelly that failed to jell, the first time it happened to me, it is more like syrup. I was going to try again with another packet of pectin, but someone suggested to me that if it did not jell I should have put it in the fridge -- I did not, it is sitting on the counter until we get a sunny day (someone told me -wives tale or not - not to make jelly when it is raining the weather impacts the jelly setting up).

So, my question is, can I reprocess even though I did not refrigerate the "syrup". Thanks!

As long as you processed it and it sealed it is fine and you can try to reprocess. The only time you need to get something in the fridge is if you processed it but the seal failed.

If all of the jam is used immediatly do you have to can them?
by: Anonymous

I made 4 jars of jam and gave 3 away to family. Do you have to go thru the canning process if the jars will be opened & refrigerated?


If you are just going to use the jam right away just store it in the refrigerator. Canning it is for the purpose of storing it on the shelf. Great question!

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