Canning previously frozen foods?

by Doc

If my electric went out can I cook then can frozen veg's, meats?


Hi, that is a great question. My answer with meats is yes. Be sure it is completely thawed and then pressure can as usual.

Canning Meat

With Vegetables, I believe it would be safe, what I'm not sure of is the quality of the final product. I'm afraid it might get mushy.

I did a search for more information from my extension service and did find this article.

If Your Freezer Stops

In discussing options for when the freezer goes out this comment was made:

"keep canning supplies on hand to preserve food when there is no chance of using your freezer soon."

I would make the assumption that means it is safe. They do not mention the quality of the food after canning.

But sometimes mushy green beans are better than no green beans Eh?

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canning previously frozen
by: Becky

I had gone to my Mom's house when she was out of town on vacation and the electricity was out. She forgot to pay before she left and it was Friday night. I grabbed every canning jar she had and canned everything in her freezer and refrigerator. Everything turned out great. It tasted the same as veggies that had not been previously frozen. She had blanched everything for about 3 minutes before she froze it so they didn't come out overcooked at all. It is fine to can previously frozen foods.

previously frozen veggies and meat
by: Anonymous

If I lost my freezer,I would dehydrate everything. Of course if the reason the freezer stopped was a power outage, you are kind of sunk anyway unless you have a camp stove you can safely run a pressure canner on.

I usually buy only frozen veggies (when on sale) because of the salts and preservatives in canned. then because they are already blanched, I take them straight from the freezer and dehydrate them.

This allows me to 'put up' my own foods and have some control over the quality. I am having some physical difficulties that makes having a large garden next to impossible. So this is my way of keeping my hand in and doing my part for stock piling for my grandsons.

by: pennypincinmamas

What the expiration date from the date of canning? Is there a guide for this?

canning previously frozen food.
by: Cindy Stricklin

Our brand new freezer (less than 2 months old) went out after we completely filled it with frozen meat and vegetables purchased at a store. When we noticed it was not working, the food on top have started to thaw. We immediately went into canning mode and canned all the vegetables. We mixed all the peas together, and they were the best peas I have ever eaten. We made mixed vegetables out of the rest. They were not mushy at all. We managed to fit the meat in the other freezer by taking the vegetables out of it and canning them too. It took 2 weeks for Walmart to replace the freezer. Everything we canned tasted great!!

by: Anonymous

If the previously frozen and now canned veggies get a little mushy, I would consider pureeing them and making up some soups!

freezeing thawed veggies
by: Grambun

Came home from the lake to find someone had stolen most of the meat from our freezer and unplugged it while we were gone. We borrowed canners from neighbors and got busy. all the veggies were dumped into jars covered with boiling water, and 1 tsp. of salt and processed. They were as good as fresh veggies.

Cannig frozen foods
by: Sharron Hart

We were needing freezer space for a pig that is going to the butcher ad I decided to can green beans, corn, peas, tomatoes, chicken and blackberries, we had frozen. Everything turned out pretty darn good and no mushy green beans and I now have canned chicken broth too!

dehydrate already cooked vegetables
by: Anonymous

Can you dehydrate already cooked beans or peas

his & hers
by: The Grouchy Gardener

my husband likes canned vegetables and I prefer frozen. I have a garden but often don't grow enough peas and beans to satisfy the husbands needs all year. Recently he found out he has high blood pressure, and to lower salt in canned vegetables I started canning frozen. I can mix-and-match them, or just leave the plain, more often than not I can season them with a little garlic or some dehydrated onion flakes instead of the salt that she doesn't seem to miss. They always turn out great. As for canning meet I let it thaw, then can it with seasoning of my choice.

I never thought of this!
by: Anonymous

I have a gas range, so it would be totally possible to can during a power outage. I LOVE this idea!

canning after freezing.....
by: Anonymous

I buy turkeys and ham when on sale during Nov/Dec and put them in the freezer. Then after the holidays, when things slow down, I cook and can turkey and ham.....taste problems.

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