Canning Pepper Jelly

by Nancy

When I am canning pepper jelly and process the jars in a water bath the peppers float to the top.

The flavor is great but the jars scream " MISTAKE" to me! Please help!

Nancy from Atlanta

Sharon ----------------------

I have not made pepper jelly so I am at a loss at how to fix this. You might try placing the jars upside down after they have cooled a bit.

Take them out of the canner. Let them cool somewhat (an hour or two), then turn them over. Maybe the peppers would gradually float to the top (er... bottom) of the jar.

This is totally a guess so if someone else has a better idea or knows how to prevent this please comment and let us know.

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Canning Pepper Jelly Problem
by: grace

This happened to me,also. Last year and this year. I am still trying to find out how to fix it. So if anyone knows what to do please share the info.

canning pepper jelly
by: Anonymous

I fixed the problem by waiting about 20 minutes after canning, and then shaking the jars. If it has started to jell, the peppers mix throughout.

re Pepper Jelly
by: Anonymous

I found that by tilting the jars 20 minutes after processing, pauses another problem..It sometimes makes air bubbles..

Now I strain the ingredients in a cheese cloth overnight (at least a few hours ) and then end results is a clear jelly.

Pepper jelly and fruit jams
by: Gagirl

After bringing your jelly to a rolling boil for one minute, take it off the burner and allow it to cool for about 20 minutes before putting it in the jars.

This allows the peppers to cook a little longer and they will distribute throughout the jelly. This also works with your fruit when making jam.

Sharon's thoughts.
Interesting method.... sounds like it might work! I'd add that you should be sure and process your jelly as usual after you fill your jars.

keeping fruit suspended in jelly
by: Patricia

I find that if I take the cooked jelly off the heat and gently stir it for five minutes before jarring and processing, this helps prevent the fruit (or peppers) from floating up.

And then, after processing, I gently turn the jars, or turn them over completely for 10 minutes or so while they are cooling, as per other comments.

Blend it
by: DanelleS

I know a lot of people leave the peppers in whole, or even in small pieces, but I just puree them instead. I don't have the problem of them floating to the top, and it still tastes really good. Hope this helps!

Great post
by: Jackie

I'm so glad I found this site - I just made my first batch of hot pepper jelly and while I'm sure it's dee-lish, the peppers floated to the top which doesn't say much about the presentation. :(

Wasn't sure if I did something wrong - though I followed the recipe to a T, but I like the idea of letting the jelly sit for 5 minutes before putting into the canning jars. I'm going to try another batch this afternoon and use that method. Thanks!

Too little vinegar?
by: Anonymous

Question: ive made 3 batches pf pepper jelly. The first batch called for 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. It had a strong vinegar taste so the 2 nd and 3 rd batch i decreased the apple coder vinegar to 1/4 cup. Should I be concerned about bacterial growth by not using enough vinegar? Also there are tiny "air bubbles" in my jelly from the foam. Is this a concern? Thanks so much!

Vingeary tasting
by: Bwesley

I also had the problem of too much vinegar tasting in my jelly. Can I decrease the vinegar?

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