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Canning Fruit - floating, hot or raw pack

by Suzanne
(Los Angeles, ca)

Canning Fruit, Often fruit will float.

Canning Fruit, Often fruit will float.


I am new to canning but have been successful
with pickles and jam....However, in canning
peaches blueberries and apricots, either in
hot or raw, I have about 2" of liquid in
both quarts and pints. I am careful about
head space, and all jars seal fine.

I usually tighten the jars, then turn back
one quarter inch. Could they be too loose?
Any ideas? I so envy the beautiful jars I see
everyone can, mine look so flawed!

thanks very much


Hi Suzanne,

Hot packing will reduce the floating and allow you to get more in the jar for some products... but it doesn't always eliminate it.

I included a picture of some apricots that I recently canned just so you could see that not everyone has perfect jars.

This batch I believe was cold packed. I also did another batch hot pack. The floating was less but there was still some.

How you tighten the jar lids should not affect the amount of floating. I just tighten my rings finger tight. As long as your jars are sealing they are safe.

What I like to do is after the jars are cooled completely I turn them upside down and jiggle a little. This shakes up the fruit and spreads it out a bit in the jars. It will still float back up to the top but it will be less compact.

I don't mind the floating I still think the jars are pretty!

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