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Canning expiration dates

by Krista
(Mesa, AZ)

How long do canned items stay good for? Does it vary by what you can?


The USDA official recommendation is that you use the food within one year.

I usually stay pretty close to that although I'd not have a problem eating foods a couple of years old as long as the seal is still good and there is no sign of spoiled food .

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I live on the edge.
by: Anonymous

When researching for the canning classes I taught this summer, I found a study on this very topic. It said that after five years, the nutritional value of the canned foods had decreased by 3%, and that after five years, the rate of nutrient loss increased such that by 63 years there would be no nutrition left in the food.

After the research I did, and after participating in many, many discussions with women who have been canning for decades, I have finally come to the conclusion that it depends upon the storage conditions. Ideally, the storage area is cool and dry. By "cool", 40 degrees year-round. Many of us don't have that situation. But those foods are likely to remain edible and nutritious for 20 years. At 70 degrees, that drops to 10 years.

I have almost 1400 jars in my indoor, air conditioned pantry, and I am confident that they will still be edible and nutritious in seven or eight years. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Canning expiration dates
by: R P

So after 63 years of home canned food on the shelf it would equal the same nutrition as the Standard American Diet (SAD) most people eat today anyway. LOL

My mom canned a lot when we were kids and I remember eating jars of food that had been canned 4 to 5 years previously. Lots of Tomato Gravy and biscuits in hard times. mmmmm They sure didn't taste like hard times.


LOL Love this comment! :0)

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