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Home Canning Basics Course.  

Gain Confidence and a Full Pantry

Canning Basics is an online Canning Class that takes me right to your kitchen.  If you can't get someone local to teach you, invite me!  I'd love to help out.  

The visual reassurance you get in Canning Basics will give you the confidence to get started canning.

 You'll be a canning expert in no time.

Clear video content designed to teach you what you need for safe home canning.  These videos are accessible as soon as you purchase. 

  • How to know what canning method you should choose.
  • Information on Canning Equipment
  • How to know what canner you need.
  • Step by step demo of how a waterbath canner works. 
  • Step by step demo of how a pressure canner works. 
  • What to do with your jars once you are done canning!
  • Downloadable Altitude Adjustment Charts
  • Answers to Fequently asked Questions

Self Paced video course you can access at any time.

 A perfect place to be for any new canners out there.  This is going to fill you in on just how easy it can be.

I want to dispel any fear and get you started.

Canning with Confidence!  That is what we are after.  

Self paced and repeatable.  Repeat any sections you want to review. 

Lifetime access, includes all updates and printable recipes. 

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The purchase of Canning Basics also gives you a copy of the e-book Simply Canning Guide to Safe Home Canning.  This is a pdf file you can print and create your own personal canning notebook.  

What you will learn:

Get immediate access to the following Video Classes. 


A quick introduction to how to use this course

Canning Safety

How home canning stops spoilage, some unsafe canning practices that are not recommended.

Canning Terms and Tips and I answer the most frequently asked questions I get from Simply Canning readers.  

Essential Canning Equipment

The Essential tools that you must have if you want to pursue home canning and what you don't really need to spend your money on. 

Other Recommended Equipment  

My favorite tools that really are not essential... but make the canning process pretty easy.  

Pressure Canners 

Choosing a Pressure Canner can be confusing.  I take the stress out with a full side by side comparison of the two popular brands on the market.  

Pressure Canning Demonstration

Complete step by step demonstration of using a pressure canner.  We can a batch of boneless skinless chicken breast.  

Water Bath Canners

Waterbath Canners are pretty basic but there are some things to look for.  I even share how to use a standard stock pot as an option.  

Waterbath Canning Demonstration

Complete step by step demonstration of using a waterbath canner.  We can a batch of cranberries.  

Finishing Up

How to check your seals, what to do with jars that don't seal and how to store the jars for maximum shelf life.  

Let's Get Canning

This is the section where I give specific food tutorials.  This section will grow as the seasons progress.  Follow me in my kitchen and learn my personal tips for all the things in my pantry.  

Check out this online video based course and gain the confidence you need.  

You'll get a full year's access to all classes and all updates.  

What others are saying....


Thank you Sharon!!!  I made it through the videos. I just have to say, "WOW"!!!!!  I am so excited for you. This is genius!  I just can't say enough how amazing this is.  You have done amazing job!  

It's as if you were in my kitchen telling me how to do it. That's a huge deal I think!  Also, what more could a person ask for, than to have someone lay out all of the info they need, along with the links to get it! 

My thoughts...
The site:  So clean, clear,  & easy to read/follow. Very impressive~

You share great info about yourself, but not too much, and move things along well. Great points about safety. (I think of you each time I hear someone say "I'm scared of using a pressure canner.")

GREAT video!!!  So clear and sound is great.


Very helpful videos! I thought you did a very thorough job. I have been canning many years and learned new things watching your series. Thank you for your dedication to helping more people feel confident about becoming a home canner. 

Lord bless you Sharon, 

Mona Pargee


Thank you this is an awesome set of lessons. LET THE CANNING BEGIN!

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