Apple Cobbler Recipe

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Easy Apple Cobbler Recipe

This is an easy apple cobbler recipe that I make with my home canned fruit. This page is about how to make apple cobbler, but the same method can be used with other fruit too. Cherries are another good fruit to use in cobbler. I have a bigger cherry cobbler recipe here.

This is a small apple cobbler recipe that makes a couple of servings. Double and use a square 9x9 pan for more!


How to Make Apple Cobbler

Canned apples.
Apple cobbler topping.
Apple cobbler about ready to bake...

Use 1 pint of canned apples. Drain your apples well and dump into a bread pan. 

Mix together:

  • 1/2 cup flour (I’ve used both white and whole wheat)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder

Mix this well.

Add 1 beaten egg to your flour mixture. Stir it in until it gets crumbly. Pour your flour mixture over the top of your apples. Do not mix. Just layer it on top. 

Put 3 T butter over the top of the apples and flour. Again, don’t mix it in. Just put on top. (Sometimes I drizzle melted  butter, while other times I just dot pieces of butter on top.)

Finally, mix together a healthy dash of cinnamon (1/8 tsp) with 2 tsp brown sugar. Sprinkle this on top of everything else.

Apple cobbler.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. 

Apple Cobbler Recipe

Apple Cobbler Recipe Tips & Additions

Serving of apple cobbler.

This easy apple cobbler recipe is good. (Double this and use a square cake pan if you need more for your family.)

Pecans would be a fantastic add in. Add about 1/2 cup to your flour mixture. Apple Pecan Cobbler…oh, yes! (As you can see in the photos, I've added slivered almonds before too.)

I could also see drizzling some caramel over the top along with the butter. Caramel Apple Cobbler…another big yum!

I find this type of apple cobbler recipe doesn’t really store well. It will tend to get soggy if it is left for more than a day. Not bad…it’s still edible, just not as good as fresh. So I recommend making what will be eaten up soon.

Enjoy this easy apple cobbler recipe!

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How to Make Apple Cobbler

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