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American Harvest Dehydrator

by Sharon
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The Nesco / American Harvest Dehydrator is a unit which offers all the important factors when choosing a food dehydrator.

  • The ability to accurately control the temperature

  • A good flow of air around the unit

  • Plenty of space for the food that is being dehydrated

The American Harvest Collection comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and kits.

  • The FD-60 includes 4 trays and can be expanded to 12

  • The FD-80 includes 4 trays and can be expanded to 8 and is a square model

  • The FD-1020 includes 5 trays and can be expanded to 20

  • The FD-1018P, for those who dehydrate in bulk, comes with 8 trays and can be expanded to 30

For information on other
Nesco / American Harvest Food Dehydrators see
Nesco Food Dehydrator.

Besides the ability to expand with more trays, the collection has several add-on features including handy fruit roll-up sheets and a pretty nifty “All-in-one Jerky Gun Kit”.

These food dehydrators are able to deal with a variety of foods including beef, various fruits and vegetables, herbs and peppers. The unit has the added advantage of being able to be run for long periods of time, so that the user will not have any worries about the unit overheating.

The unit is able to dehydrate some foods in half the time of other units and the trays are resilient enough not to crack with usage or cleaning. In addition, there is no need to rotate the trays as the drying is even and efficient throughout the unit.

The only disadvantage of the unit is that reviewers say it is a little on the loud side.

The American Harvest is considered to be a solid unit and is a reasonable investment for anyone looking for a dehydrator.

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Do you use an American Harvest dehydrator? I'm betting some of my readers have used this brand.

Do you agree that this is a good dehydrator?

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Comments for American Harvest Dehydrator

Comments for American Harvest Dehydrator

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Love my dehydrator
by: Anonymous

Dehydrating is how I started with my food presevation. I own the American Harvest Dehydrator and I just love it. I have expanded to the max 12 trays. I usually use 8-10 at a time. I have all the add on items they offer. I have made beef jerky, dehydrated many different vegetables and fruits. I even make chicken jerky as a treat for my dog. You can do so much with it. It is a little loud, but I typically start it out in the evening and let it dehydrate overnight. I highly recommend this brand. I have used it so much this summer that I am thinking of purchasing a second unit.

American Harvest
by: Cindy

I've been using American Harvest dehydrato for 35 years. Still have my orginal snackmaster. In fact I have 5 (loaners). I also have a Garden master that I had 22 trays on this summer. Worked like a dream. If you are only going to buy one dehydrator, you will love the American Harvest.

. Love it !!
by: vicki

I worked there back in 2000. Purchased a FD-26 and a FD-40 We do make jerky. Great dehydrator.
Love it.

Nesco/American Harvest FD60
by: Diane

I love my FD60! I found one for $20 (only used a couple of times), and added 4 more trays (easy to find). This gives me 8 trays, with the option of adding 4 more. I love being able to choose the temperature I want, and that the motor & fan are on TOP of the unit (not down where they will get dripped on). It's not as fancy as an Excalibur, but totally does the job it's meant to do, and for a lot less money!

American Harvest is great
by: Star

Mine is about 20 years old and still going strong. Recommend it to anyone getting started. You can add trays, which I have done, and it will serve you well for many years. It's a little bit of an investment, but you get what you pay for and then some. Being circular, the air flow is even.

Nesco Dehydrator
by: Suzanne Louis

I love mine! Bought it at a garage sale for $3, like new. Love it for drying my spices, Basil dries overnight. Just picked apples so going to try it for that. If good, will try veggies next. Let you all know, soon

dehydrating leftover rice?
by: Sharon - SimplyCanning

Lisa, I've never thought of dehydrating leftover rice? How do you use it once you've dehydrated it?

American Harvest Food Dehydrator
by: Lisa Manning

I love it. It was my Mom's.

We found it in the attic, she hadn't used it for some time. I cleaned it up then started it up. It's been going for over a week now non stop.

Perfect results. I've dried oranges, grapefruit, apples and grapes. Also onions, potatoes, tomatoes and even leftover rice, all with wonderful results.

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