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All American with petcock toggle?

by Christina

Hi. I have inherited an old All American Model No. 921 1/2 from my mother. I would like to use it but the instruction manual is gone and I cannot seem to locate one for this model. It has a petcock as opposed to a weight jiggler and I do not know how these work. Can you direct me either how to use it or where I can purchase a instruction manual. I am very frustrated because I have green beans waiting to be canned and cannot find the info I need to proceed. I would appreciate your input tremendously!


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by: Sandy

I have an All American canner 925 with a petcock. The petcock fell apart and I needed a new one. Thats when I found out that they don't make them that anymore. I ordered the suggested parts and the guide that went along with it. I actually think it is easier to use the weight than the petcock! Still canning away here!

All American 921 1/2 with Petcock Toggle
by: Anonymous

I think have answered my own question (above). Evidently, the petcock came on the older models and is no longer available. It can be replaced by a new vent tube and weight, if preferred. I ordered mine from this link

By the way, I love your page and advice~~thanks, Layna

All American 921 1/2 with Petcock Toggle
by: Anonymous

Just purchased my All American 921 1/2 at a used goods store and mine, too, has a petcock toggle that I am not sure how to use. The link to the manual shows only All American's with a "weighted gauge", which I have from a pressure cooker, but it doesn't seem like it should fit over the petcock toggle. It has been a long time since I canned, and the canner I used to have had just a weighted gauge so I am quite confused~~please help to clarify for me....Thanks, Layna

American canner
by: Judy Riffe

This is the file for the manual it includes your model

Good luck, Judy

by: Sharon

Christina, I don't know much about those older canners. I'll do some research and see if I can find anything out.

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