All American Pressure Canner

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All American Pressure Canners are sturdy and will last for years!

The All American Pressure Canner is a a top of the line canner. You can't go wrong buying any of the models available.

I own both the Presto Pressure Canner and an All American 921 Pressure Canner.... and I have to say both are good canners. 

I used to always tell people if you can afford it, go with the All American. however, after having both brands for a couple of years, I find I use my Presto just as much (if not more) as I use my All American Canner.  So it really is just a matter of personal preference.

The All American comes in several model sizes. The smallest holds 4 quart jars. This is the smallest size recommended for pressure canning. The largest is a giant! It will hold 19 quart jars! This would be for the serious canner.

They are a bit different from other canners in the way they work. Other brands of pressure canners use a rubber gasket in the lid to form the air tight seal.

The All American Canner however does not have such a seal. It uses a screw down clamping system that fits the lid to the body of the pot metal to metal. This forms the seal that allows the canner to come to pressure.

These canners have same features as other canners as far as safety features. they have an overpressure plug and vents to release pressure

A dial on this canner allows you to monitor the pressure reached during processing but it is considered a weighted gauge canner.  So... you'll rely on the movement of the weight to determine when you are at pressure.  

All American Pressure Canner
Models and Sizes available.

The only cons... and they are pretty minor.

All American Pressure Canner lid.

I have read a lot of reviews of the All American Pressure Canner. They are overwhelmingly positive.

The only complaint that I have noticed mentioned on more than one occasion is that the lid is sometimes hard to remove after processing. Almost always if someone mentions this problem there are several responses stating that they have had no problems and suggest lubricating the lid with oil. This prevents the lid from sticking.  

I've never had my lid stick.  Ever.

The only time I've ever had issues with my All American Pressure Canner is one time when I had the lid screwed down crooked.  The lid started steaming out the side which alerted me to the problem (which is a good thing!) I had not reached pressure yet, I was still in the venting time so I simply turned off the heat, realigned my lid and started over.  No problem.  

If you are not sure what I mean by the 'venting time' Check out this page.  It goes through the process of using a pressure canner step by step.  

What size should I get? 

When you are thinking about what size All American Pressure Canner to get you need to remember that the models 930 and 941 are BIG.  Very Tall.   So if you think you want that capacity to do large batch canning and get 14 jars done at a time they are the way to go.

However... be sure your stove can handle the size.  It is the height that causes issues at times.  Measure the distance between your stove top and hood (assuming you have a hood)  there needs to be some space between there so steam can vent and you have room to get jars in and out of the canner. 

My hood is  not high enough to allow that room.  My canner is the 921 model which can double stack pints, but not quarts.  I love it.  It is perfect for my needs.  My family is shrinking and I find myself doing more pints lately anyway.  

Consider also the weight of the pot itself.  You won't be moving it when full, but the canner itself is large and heavy.  

But if you have the large family and you have the room on your stove consider the larger canners.  You don't have to run it double up with 14 quarts.  You can run it with just 7 quarts, but that capacity is there if you need it.  

The All American is surely a good canner and I don't think you'll regret the investment.  

Reader Reviews & Comments on the All American Pressure Canners

I have an All American Canner 921

by Lauren
(Port St Lucie, FL)

"I purchased an All American 921 pressure canner last year (2009) after deciding to expand my canning abilities. I had been water bath canning for approximately 1 year before that. I did a lot of research on the internet as none of my family or friends can and there weren't any stores in my area that sell canning supplies (other than jars, lids, and that kind of stuff.

I found the 921 on at a really good price. I like the canner a lot, it is fairly easy to use. It came with a nice booklet full of instructions, tips, and recipes.

They do recommend lubricating the seal edge with Vaseline before the first use and occasionally after that. I did have trouble removing the lid on the first use but haven't had that problem since.

I like that it is nice solid piece of equipment, it's made here in the United States of America, and should last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

I do admit that the first time I used it I was little scared (the whole idea of the pressure and did I seal it correctly), but it has gotten so much easier every time I use it.

So, overall I would say shop around on the net, check out Amazon, and go for it.... it's worth the investment."

The All American Canner in Michigan

by Susan-B
(Central Michigan)

"I LOVE the All American Canner 921. Bought one last year when I decided to can more than tomatoes and fruit in a waterbath canner. I like the fact that it doesn't use a rubber gasket (less parts to degrade or get lost).

In the instruction book it tells you to use a little petroleum jelly (Vaseline for us) around the rim. It will create a very tight seal if you don't pay attention and open the canner when the pressure dial gets to zero...the longer you let it go, the tighter the seal. You can easily pop it open with a screwdriver.

So far I haven't found anything I didn't like about it. Best of all, I really like processing 19 pints at one time. What a time saver!

After the garden canning season is finished, I will be using my All American 921 to can stew meat and chicken breasts.

I would definitely buy it again. It is expensive but I would rather buy something once than get a cheaper or poor performing canner and then wind up buying this anyway.

I think canning is the most time saving method of perserving food for a working person like myself. No defrosting time, just open a jar or two and you can have a meal ready in no time. Plus it is a great satisfaction that you did it yourself."

My 1979 All American 921 Canner

by Tess
(Moore, OK)

"I bought my 921 canner at 5% above whole sale in 1979 for $75.91 and I love it, except now I love my friend's new 921 canner better. Well sort of.

All American has improved the 921 and now it has a pressure regulator weight or rocker on it instead of a steam release valve and it works better at maintaining pressure.

Then again with the new canner you are limited to the three rocker settings of 5, 10, and 15 pressures. Whereas my canner uses heat only to regulate the dial (both canners have the dial) once the steam release valve is closed.

My friend bought a 921 after using my canner last year when we made chili, and she loves the 921 too!

Both the older and newer 921 have no rubber seal which is great. One less thing to worry about. My sister has a Presto canner and it has only a rocker without a dial, and she has to check the gasket before every batch.

My friend and I canned ground venison chili and venison meat sauce yesterday, 7 quarts and 36 pints, in three batches in her new canner.

Next week, I will bring my canner to her house and we will be able to can a little faster. We will be able to start the next batch while a batch is cooling in the canner.

We sure will be busy with pears for chutney and butter, chicken soup and chicken thighs, and beef stew!

We both work day jobs and the soups are a great time-saver for us on work nights plus the savings are great. Tomato soup for .96 cent per pint -we had to buy our tomatoes and there are not many farmers around Oklahoma City (unlike Portland, Oregon!). The venison chili was .82 per pint since we got
the meat free.

Any who the 921 canner ROCKS!"

Problems with lid sticking and with broken jars

by Asimov
(Northern NY)

"All the canning I had done so far has been just with the hot water bath method. Since everything I have canned was high acid, I did not need a pressure canner and I have never lost a jar of goods to either spoilage or breakage. I wanted to start canning foods with meat in them and so bought a All American 921.

After canning my first batch of chicken, I could not remove the lid. It was stuck tight. Even after it had cooled I could not remove the lid. I didn't want to do it but I finally had to pry the lid off. It came off with a POP! Of the seven quarts in the canner, three had broken. I thought perhaps I had over packed the jars.

The next day I canned four more quarts of chicken. Again, the lid stuck. I decided to out wait it and after six hours the lid was still stuck and, again, I had to pry it off. Two of the jars were broken.

I put the lid back on the canner and it did not seem to seat squarely. It rocked as though the canner was out of round or perhaps that was a bulge in the lid.

I don't know if I have a defective product or if I am doing something grossly wrong but this situation is totally unsatisfactory. The next step will be to return the canner to the vendor unless I can get this situation resolved.

Anyone have any suggestions?"

Sharon's Reply:

Asimov, that sounds completely frustrating! I feel for you. You are right. Something must be wrong because you really should not experience these problems.

If you will run a small amount of oil (I use olive oil) around the rim of the canner, I think that will solve the issue of your canner lid sticking. Put some oil on a paper towel and lightly grease the canner edge where the lid sits.

As far as your jars breaking, my only thought is, are you trying to can frozen chicken? Usually jars break when the food and jar is cold then placed directly into the hot canner. Glass canning jars are sturdier than regular glass, but they are still susceptible to breakage with extreme temperature changes.

Try letting your chicken warm up a bit. Don't leave it out at room temperature so long that you risk it spoiling, but definitely don't put it in the jars frozen.

Also be sure to process for the correct time and at the correct pressure. My canning chicken directions are here. And there are probably directions in your canner instruction booklet.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can help further. I hate to see you give up. Canning meat really does work!


All American 921 Pressure Canner - lid sticking

"All American 921 Pressure canner.

I have had the lid stick on occasion and it seems to only happen if let the last load cool until morning. I will try to oil the seal again. Oiling is recommended on the new canner anyway.

I really love my 921. I have noticed that although it holds 19 pints, it will only hold 18 1/2 liter jars."

Model 921 Pressure Cooker/Canner holds 21 1/2 quarts of liquid. The canner is tall enough that pint jars can be double stacked. Thus it will hold 19 pint jars, or seven quart jars.

Owner of All American Pressure Canner

"I have a model 921 All American, and the petroleum jelly solution doesn't work very well.

If you put too much on it, then it leaks steam, and you can't get it up to pressure. Without the pj, you have to use a rubber mallet to get the lid off, and that's right after the pressure is reduced to zero.

When it works right, it's wonderful. When it's not working right, it's a pain in the neck."

Love The 921 All American Pressure Canner

by: Anonymous

"We have a 921, and one of the first things we noticed was the "sticking" lid after processing. We never tried PJ or a mallet, but a simple screw driver or similar used as a lever on one of the tabs pops it loose with minimal effort. This tight fit is necessary to eliminate the gasket.

We also use a Presto model, but do not want to be a slave to replaceable gaskets if things get bad. The 921 is built like a tank, and has performed flawlessly for us, and should last years. Our goal is to have a second one when we can afford it.

A recent purchase was 1,000 Tattler canning jar lids, which have not been used yet, but have very good reviews.

Combining those with our jar collection, a 921, and a little garden work and we should be all set."

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