LOVE My All American Pressure Canner

by Pat
(Lincoln Univ, PA)

I have been an organic gardener for 30 years and been canning almost as long. About 15 years ago, I needed a new pressure canner and bought Model915. I considered going larger but I am in my 60's and wasn't sure I could handle anything heavier.

Not having a rubber gasket is really nice - no worries about it stretching, drying out or failing. And the way the All American Canner is made, you have confidence that the top will make a solid seal with the bottom.

Well-made and well-designed, I know this pressure canner will outlive me and I actually added it to my bequests in my will so someone who will use it when I'm gone can go on enjoying this wonderful tool.

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I have had my American Canner for over 27 years

by Judy R
(SW Washington)

I love my American to me,is not scary to use,some canners just look scary...I feel very confident when using my American Canner.....

I bought an American Canner can sealer from a man that canned seafood and meat. I haven't used it yet.

You will love your new canner for many years....this is something that will last almost forever....


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I'll Only Have To Buy It ONCE

by John Bates
(Detroit, MI)

Haven't received my All American 921 yet, but feel like an expectant father waiting for a
new baby to arrive. I haven't been this excited about a purchase since my last .22 rifle !

I've read (literally)hundreds of reviews, studied dozens of web sites, and given it a LOT
of consideration. I think what finally sold me was "quality" and "American made" - two terms
that one doesn't hear a lot of these days. Knowing that I'm getting the very best pressure
canner money can buy and supporting an American business sealed the deal.

We put in a little "victory garden" this spring, and was surprised just how much food we
managed to grow in such a small area. With my chest freezer filling up quickly, I knew it
was time to take the plunge.

Ordered mine from Amazon with a utensil set and the Ball Blue Book for just under $250.00
including shipping. Now I'm on the prowl for canning jars - seems like many locals Craigslist have plenty of
unused jars to sell for pennies on the dollar.

Groceries aren't getting any cheaper, so this is an investment that will pay dividends at the
dinner table year after year. Don't scrimp on your canning equipment, even if you have to
save $$ to get one of these. With SB510 (the Food Safety Bill) pending in the Senate, it might not be long before the FDA starts cracking down on canners, too.

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921 All American Pressure Canner Review

by cindy

When my husband and I were married 26 years ago, one of my first purchases was a 921 All American Canner.

My mom had always canned with a Presto, always checked the rubber gasket every year, etc, and so, when I saw a canner that did not require that, I was excited.

It was a more expensive canner then, but worth every penny. I can remember having to help my mom untwist her canner top, and was so delighted to only have to unbolt the little screw bolts and do a little turn, and the top would lift off easily.

I have used the canner on gas stoves and currently use it on a Wolf electric cooktop with great results. It is very responsive to the stove when I am expelling the steam, when I am raising the pressure and then when I get to the correct pressure, it is easy to hold the temp (kudos to both the stove and the canner).

I love this canner. My mom actually likes to join me when I use it--she likes it too. I have not had any problems with the lid sticking. I do keep the surfaces clean and am careful to tighten the lid evenly as the instructions describe.

The canner gives good instructions on how to can and to actually cook in the canner, but I use it exclusively as a canner.


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Long time owner of an All American Canner

by Kristen

I love my All American Canner. I bought it new 37 years ago. I had to figure that out as my baby sister just purchased one, and when we can together you can definitely tell mine has been well used next to her shiny new one.

I still can with it on a fairly regular basis. I have purchased new gauges from the company, which are easy to order and get here quickly.

I have recommended the All American Canner to many friends over the years. It is heavy duty and very trustworthy. I have certainly gotten my money's worth.

I plan to continue using it for several more years myself, and then will pass it on to my daughters who will no doubt do the same.

A very superior product.

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Canning with inherited canners!

by Charles & Tina
(Independence, Oregon)

We started using my wifes grandmoms and mothers all american canners this year to can.

We have a 915 All American Canner and a 921 All American Canner.

We found them up in the attic this year and cleaned them up and they work great. I love the fact that you don't have to mess with a seal when using them.

We tested the 2 of ours outside on the burner of our grill and they worked fine after who knows how many years of use they have had. We are not sure even how old our canners are, but both have gauges and pressure reliefs on them.

So much for us having to think we was going to have to buy a canner this year to can with.

Wow what a find!

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All American #7 Pressure Canner
by: Tiffany

A few months ago I stumbled upon a heavy duty pressure canner at a thrift store. It was $20, and at the time I thought it to be a bit pricey. I have a well producing grape vine that came with the old house we bought about a year ago, so I figured it would be a good investment for my jam and preserves. We have a well stocked garden this summer, so I can already see the pressure canner will be used quite a bit in the next few weeks. I've been doing some research on this model, but haven't figured out how old it is. There isn't a month and year stamp that the newer models have. I'm very curious to know about how old it is. I have tested it and discovered that the gauge does not work. I've decided to replace the petcock with a new value stem and weighted regulator, seems the word on the web is that is the preferred method for pressure accuracy. So after my $25 part investment, I'm $45 all in. Not bad at all! I'm very excited to use it! Does anyone know how old it is? Thanks!

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