All American Pressure Canner model 930

by Tom Reese
(Gustine, CA)

I bought an Model 930 Pressure Cooker/Canner this year, and couldn't be happier.

First of all, processing 14 quarts at a time, or 16 pints is great with the longer times needed with pressure.

Second, I remember my Mom having to occasionally replace the gasket on her canner when I was a kid, that made me go for the metal to metal option.

The other consideration was size. I wanted to be able to do big loads, so I bought the 14 quart size.

The first time I used it, it leaked a little steam. The book had said it might, so I thought that was okay at the time. I never got it above 9 pounds, and gave up after about 90 minutes. Good thing, since I was down to one inch of water inside.

The next day, I called All American and got a great gal on the phone. She said it shouldn't leak enough to really see it, and I probably didn't have the lid on level. I later realized, that was the problem. With two different bevel angles on the lid and pot, it needs to be close to level in order to seal.

If I would have continued to where it went dry, I would have ruined it.

The next batch, I carefully put the lid on and lightly adjusted the six clamps to where the lid was about level with roughly 1/4 inch gap all the way around. Then I gradually tightened the clamps alternating side to side until they were not much tighter than you would do jar lids. Using that method, I've had zero problems or leaking steam and no water loss in a dozen more loads.

I would also like to say, regarding sticking canner lids, the lady I talked with had great advice. I had seen suggested on another web site, using paraffin to lubricate the metal seal. This lady said to NEVER use paraffin. When the canner cools, it becomes a solid and (a) it won't come apart, the lid sticks, and (b) it won't wash or clean off easily.

That made great sense to me. They recommend using a very lightly wiped coat of olive oil only, and that has worked great, no sticking lid and easy to clean.

If I had to buy another pressure canner today, I would buy the very same one. In my 60+ years, I've bought 'economy' and 'quality'. I've never regretted buying quality, even though it is rarely cheap. This time again, I feel it was well worth it.

Tom, The Happy Canner

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lid leaking steam (solved)
by: Anonymous

Just use it and wipe a bit of olive oil (use olive oil) and do not try to use grease or other oils. My lid leaked a small amount during the 1st couple uses and then sealed completely. Now when I use it I do not even need the oil it just seals perfectly.

All American disappointment
by: Rhonda

I am having a terrible time with my All American.

I am wondering if I ended up with a warped lid. I have had problems with steam leaking through the seal from the first use and thought it might stop after a few canning sessions but it has not.

This is my third salmon season with it. I am now in the middle of canning salmon and there is so much steam escaping around the edge that I may have to shut it down and start over. I am meticulous in following proper canning procedure and carefully lubricated the seal area as well as measured all the way around with a ruler to make sure the gap was even. Bolted everything down tightly after that.

This is my first All American. I used a Presto before that and it was pretty problem free as long as I kept the gasket in good shape and replaced regularly.

pressure canner ?
by: Diane - Peaceful Acres

Great post! I so enjoy all your wonderful tips and have linked you in a recent post for folks who need more help.

I'm wondering. The jars must be stacked? Do they include a separator for stacking?

I've been using a friends pressure canner (most grateful), but at the most it holds the typical 7 qts. That's hardly enough to really get me excited since most take so long.

You've got me looking seriously at this larger your site linked to Amazon for shopping? I'll look closer so you can be rewarded. Thanks again.


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The 930 All American Canner Work Horse

by Mona
(Columbia, Missouri)

Dear Sharon and Fellow Canners,

I purchased the All American 930 two canning seasons ago and I love mine.

Model 930 Pressure Cooker/Canner will hold 30 quarts of liquid and up to 14 quart jars.

The initial investment is substantially more than other brands but, once your canner is delivered to your home and you open the box, you know the All American is a serious piece of canning equipment -- one quite different from the others.

The precision-made fit between the canner and its lid make replacing seals a thing of the past. I love that I get a great seal every time and the pressure gauge is easy to read.

The lid does form a suction during the processing which makes it a bit difficult to open once your processing time has ended. I have tried oils but when that does not work, I have had to resort to a very large screwdriver, APPLIED VERY GENTLY, in two or three places to pop the seal. This is NOT RECOMMENDED so it must be done very carefully and only as a last resort when you have trouble breaking the seal.

The seal notwithstanding, I love the size and the quality of my 930. I am able to process 14 quarts or 30 pints at once which makes big canning days much shorter than in the past.

These workhorses are quite heavy due to the quality and density of the metal used to make them. Thankfully, God provides husbands, older children and friends to help lift these when an injury or age hinders us.

Overall, I love my 930 and the quality is such that, in years to come, my children and grandchildren will likely love using it as well.

All is Grace,
Mona Pargee

Mona thank you so much for your wonderful review.... and yes those husbands can come in very handy!

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Newbie to the All American 930 Canner, not new to canning!

by Mrs. J

I grew up watching my mom can, and after I got married she gave me and ancient, yellow Presto canner.

Last year I put up 100's and 100's of quarts. I told my husband it felt like I was trying to use "hobbiest" equipment! I went on the search for something bigger and better ....

I found the All-American 930. It's not the biggest, but it will can 14 quarts or 16 pints!

After I unpacked it, I was intimidated by how complicated it seemed compared to my old canner. I really had to push myself to use it - Old, Reliable Yellow Presto canner seemed to call loudly from the other room! But it was so $$$ I knew I had to break it in. ;)

I finally used it, to can chicken and chicken broth and I AM SO GLAD I DID! :) The bottom layer was all pints, the top layer was pints and quarts, which is possible because it's such a tall canner. I've never been able to do that - it is one AWESOME canner!!!

(Sharon's note for those new to canning different size jars together - be cautious when canning quarts and pints together. You can do it as long as you are aware if the quarts need a different processing time than the pints. Be sure to process for the larger/longer time.)

I am excited for this summer. I plan to pressure can all my tomato sauce and salsa, I am so excited. I can do basically two loads at once - that's a big deal when you have as much canning to do as I do!

I've been told to simply use two dialed canners, but I think I will like the weighted gauge better. With my old dial canner, the pressure just kept building if I happened to step out of the room. I need to can at 15# pressure, and that is only 5# away from the "caution/danger" zone. With the rocking weight, it exhausts more steam to keep it at the right pressure. Of course, *ideally* no one should ever have to leave a canner, but when you absolutely MUST I do think it's a much, much safer canner.

It also seemed to reach 15# faster than I expected and even "depressurized" fast enough to impress me. I'm very, very glad I upgraded!!! :)

Happy canning, ya'll! :)

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All American
by: Sassy

I too was intimidated after receiving my All American Pressure Canner. Mine sat on my kitchen table for over a week until I jumped in. Mind you, my intimidation was with after months of research and reading other blogs on canning and the use of such a canner. It was that I had seen pictures, so seeing it in person seemed bigger than life ;)

I ALSO LOVE MY CANNER! I've canned a butt load in a half... that's well over 200 jars of awesomeness. I'm glad you took the leap of faith, your story reminded me of mine and made me smile. Oh, and I've also left the room, bathroom call or something quick. These canners are safe, I just wouldn't leave the room for long periods or too often.

Happy canning to you!

Come see me at:
I'm no expert on anything, just blogging for fun.

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All American - 930 - GREAT

by Jim
(Viroqua, WI USA)

All American Pressure Canner, Model 930. Fantastic professional quality canner. Highly recommended. Love it!!

Wow, Jim you have one of the BIG ones.
all american pressure canner 930

  • The All American 930 will process 30-quart pressure cooker/canner holds 19 pint jars or 14 quart jars.

  • 19 inches high with 12-1/4-inch inside diameter; made in USA

  • 17 x 17 x 20 inches ; 30 pounds

Anyone looking to buy an All American 930. Be sure and measure from your cooking surface to any cupboards or range hoods above. They are taller than the standard size. The measurements I give here are based on information from Amazon.

Out of 52 reviews, 49 reviewers gave this canner 5 stars, 2 gave it 4 stars with only one negative.

Check it out here. All American Pressure Canner- model 930

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We Love our 930 model

by Paul
(Central PA.)

We love our 30 quart pressure canner. We do a lot of canning and we also do a lot of cooking like large roast, cook whole chickens and ribs.

We use a food grade lubricant spray on our lid and it seems to work pretty well and never had any troubles getting the lid off and doesn't leak steam either.

We use LubriQuik food grade silicon spray, this can be purchased at it is only $3.89 for a 11 oz can and it goe's a long way. We had our pressure cooker for 7 years now and love it and woudn't give it up for nothing.

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