915 a workhorse of a canner

by Karen Nicholas
(Wallback, WV)

My mother used a All-American Pressure Canner, Model 915 for 55 years. She canned with it last summer for the last time before passing away in the fall.

Many years she canned at least 400 quarts of food. That comes to 22000 jars. It has been a true workhorse.

I used a All-American Pressure Canner Model 921for 28 years. Paid $78 at Heck's on sale. I had six children and needed large canner plus it was a great buy.

Two years ago I bought a used 915 for $100 since my children left home. I like the 915's much better.

The only problem I have ever had is the lid being hard to remove especially on the 921. Letting it cool just a little long helps or a little nudge on the lid if you are waiting to put another canning in solved the problem.

Many people in this area are afraid of gauge style canners. I am not sure why. They prefer jigglers. I would not trade my used 915 for a new jiggler type at all.

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Homeland Organic buys an All American Pressure Canner

by Mark Patro
(Perry Hall, MD, USA)

We Homeland Organic, first bought our All American Pressure Canner to save the over abundance of tomatoes in our garden.

I must say I love the heavy duty industrial feel of this kitchen work horse.

I did use a different brand years ago, but I'll have and use this one for the rest of my life. I suspect it will be handed down a few times.

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Model 915

by Judy

I love my canner and have had it many years (1984) This year I have had problems with it leaking water around the rim during the pressure part of canning, it doesn't do it all the time just some.

The pressure stays up. Why does it spew water at times like that, I have always put 2qts of water in the bottom before starting my first load.

Judy, my suggestion would be to try a little oil on the rim where the lid fits to the body. I've never heard of a canner spitting water like you are describing and still coming up to pressure. See if the oil helps the canner to seal better. Sharon

All-American Pressure Canner/Cooker, Model 915 - 15.5 quart

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