All American Canner
Not just for canning!!!

by Lynette Sullivan
(Alpine, AZ)

I own the 915 and 930 All American canner/cookers. I use the larger canner for big canning jobs and for making ribs for my cafe.

All-American Pressure Canner/Cooker, Model 915 - 15.5 quart

Baby back ribs made this way are amazing. I bring them to 15 lbs just for 5 minutes then finish them off in a hickory smoke charcoal grill to brown and add my favorite sauce.

The smaller canner I use when I just have a few jars to process or if I'm making making a pot of chili verde. Clean up on the smaller pot is so much easier.

The canners require oil on the seal and threads the first few uses or after a good scrubbing. I love the fact that I will never have to find a seal and the construction is heavy duty. I know I will never have to replace these canners. They are about twice the cost of most other canners but because they are once in a lifetime purchase they are well worth the investment.

Another thing I should mention is that the lid fits only a certain way, marked by an arrow on the lid and a mark on the pot. The arrow on the lid and the mark on the pot need to be lined up when the lid is on correctly. Also the screw system needs to be tightened in a pattern so they are all about even.

Most bad reviews I read are from people who aren't following the directions.

Mmmmmm baby back ribs, chile verde!

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All American Canner

by Annette
(Council, ID)

I have 2 All American Canners the 915 and the 921.

The All American Canners are made in America, which I like. The walls of the canners and the lids are thick, ALOT thicker than my Mirro or Presto pressure canners. I have read where some people didn't like the thickness (takes longer to heat and cool down) but I like it.

I have had no problems so far with the lids sticking, I put a light coat of petroleum jelly along the beveled each time I use them.

The 915 is new and I haven't used it yet, the 921 has been used heavily every canning season since I bought it in 1997. I love it. Its much heavier than my Mirro or Presto pressure canners, but it feels very well built and like it will last forever.

The Mirro and Presto have just the "jigger" with no dial gauge (simple to use) but gasket for the Mirro is getting harder to find, no problem with the Presto; no gasket with the All American.

The All American Canners have a "jigger" but also a dial gauge; I feel like I can go in the other room and leave the canner for a moment. I remember my Mom never left the kitchen with her old canner.

Before purchasing an All American Canner you should make sure that you will like canning and will can for more than just a few seasons(its expensive).

All in all, I would buy the All American Canner as my first canner if possible. They are more expensive, but worth it.

The 921

All-American Pressure Canner/Cooker, Model 921 - 21.5 quart

The 915

All-American Pressure Canner/Cooker, Model 915 - 15.5 quart

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All American Canner : I need a bigger cooker!

by Don Sampare
(Hazelton B.C. Canada)

I like my All American Pressure Canner model 941 because it holds 2 cases of pint jars ( or in my case 500ml)I liked it so much I bought another one.

I only wish that the company would make a pressure cooker/canner that can hold 24 quarts, even a better idea would be a cooker/canner that can hold 4 cases of pint jars. Would you be able to make me one that size?


Sharon's reply -

Oh how I wish. If I could invent or produce such a monster All American Canner, I could probably retire! :0) Just imagine how much time could be saved. You'd need several people working to fill it up.

Model 941 Pressure Cooker/Canner
is the largest All American Canner. This huge
canner holds 41 1/2 quarts of liquid, 32 pint jars, or 19
quart jars.

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Amish ladies canning
by: Anonymous

Sharon, My Amish neighbors can outside in a big metal canner that looks like it holds at the least 24 quart jars and would probably hold a lot more pints. I think they use propane to heat it.

The amish women get together and fill all those jars and can all day long. Now this is just a water bath canner as far as I know. I think it must be a really fun day for the ladies.

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