All American Pressure Canners

by Shelley M
(Hillsvale, Nova Scotia, Canada)

I received one of these as a birthday gift.... we recently started raising our own meat and I wanted to can meat and make my own stock, despite what my Newfoundland friends said.. I was not going to risk normal canning methods.

I got one of the bigger All American pressure canners and despite my initial fear (my mom had one of those old fashion exploding kind lol) it works like a charm.

Love it.

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Steam escape
by: Steve Villard

Wondering about escaping steam. Keeping rim clean and using olive oil. escapes. Wondering what else to do?

Sharon's answer. The only other thing I can think of is to be sure the lid is set straight on the canner. The only time iI ever had steam escape I realized I had not paid attention and it was crooked. If it is still not sealing is it possible the canner is warped? Did you get the canner new or used? If it was used maybe the person who had it ahead of you let it cook dry and overheated it. If it was new I'd suggest contacting All American. They are made by the Wisconsin Foundry. I hope that helps.

by: Ruth

I forgot to add in my previous post that I have had trouble only once getting the top off. My son took a screw driver and lifted up the top with it by carefully prying it up all the way around the top. It worked fine and the top came right off.

My All American good deal!
by: PFenton

A number of years ago, when my kids were little and I wasn't working, I wanted a canner really bad. Money was tight, and they were expensive so I resorted to freezing and drying most of our garden produce.

Then I saw an ad in our local paper for a garage sale and a canner was listed as one of the items. We went to look and it was still there. The lady wanted $25.00 for it and assured me that the book, a pan, and 2 racks were all stored inside. It looked huge! (a 16 pt capacity).

When we got home, sure enough everything was there like she said. I got out my Lehman's catalog to compare and to my delight, it was an All American just the same as sold in the catalog for $299.00!!

Imagine my surprise at my good deal and......with the gasketless seal it works like a charm even after all these years! Just finished a ton of salsa with the last of the peppers and tomatoes before our first freeze.

Love my All American.

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All American 921

I feel safer with this canner due to the clamps. The only problem i have is...should have gotten the 930!

You will not go wrong with this canner.

Model 930 Pressure Cooker/Cannerwill hold 30 quarts of liquid and up to 14 quart jars.

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Instructor from GA

by Michelle Lewis
(Villa Rica, Georgia, USA)

Greeting Sharon! Haven't spoken with you in a long time! I have to agree with you, the All American Pressure Canner is my ALL time favorite. I own a couple of others and there is no comparison.

One of the things I love is you do not have to babysit this pressure canner like some of the other brands. Stay in the kitchen of course, but you do not have to monitor the pressure gauge like a hawk.

Just remember if you have a glass or smooth top range this canner is not to be used on it. You can risk cracking your range.

And yes, to alleviate the lid from sticking, coat with a cooking oil. Last but not least..the All American Pressure Canner is AMERICAN MADE!

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First Purchase

by Debbie
(Redmond, WA)

After researching pressure canners ALL day long, I chose the All American for my son's birthday. We ordered it for under $200 from Amazon.

I like that it is made in America! That is a RARE thing these days.

I have one question that all of you may know about. All the other makers had very long warranty time periods... like 10 to 12 years. All I could find on the All American is one year.

Has this been a problem for anyone? We are looking forward to it's arrival day after tomorrow!

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All American Canner
by: Annette

I have had an All American 921 since 1997 or 1998 and have never had a problem with it.

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All American Pressure Canner

by Faye

I love my All American Pressure's wonderful if you can afford it buy it...I have had mine for years and getting ready to order a bigger one being I can every year...I have let friends use it as well and now they have one of their own....

Once you use it you won't go back to presto or mirror....It has no rubber gaskets it has handles to tighten and seals....if anything goes wrong such as parts it's not much and American canner will get right back with you if you have trouble..


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