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Finally a cherry pitter that works.
July 17, 2015

Hi, Short and sweet note this month.

Cherries! Need I say more.?

We have been enjoying the crop this year despite the freeze. I really didn't think the orchards around us would have any but they did get a partial crop.

We decided to freeze most of our cherries this year. My guys eat them right out of the freezer like cherry popsicles.

Here are some of the cherry pages on Simply Canning.

Canning Cherries

Freezing Cherries

Cherry Pie Filling

And just in time Filmore Container Company wanted to send me a cherry pitter to try out. "Oh sure" I said but be warned.... we have never found a pitter that we like. We've tried several. I warned them... "we dont' like cherry pitters." They are always more work than they are worth.

But they really wanted me to just... try... it... So I said ok, no promises. Guess what. They were right. It does work. Pretty darned well too. It was even kid approved.

I did a quick little video of my boys pitting since that is the best way to show how it works. Click on the image or link to check out the video.

Cherry Pitter Video

And check out my newest sponsor Filmore Container Company They have canning supplies and a variety of other jars and containers.

I pray that the information here was encouraging to you.

If you find it helpful. Do let me know.

Feel free to forward this to any friends who would enjoy it. If this has been forwarded to you. Browse through. Then come back and sign up here.
Happy Canning and Have a great day!


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