Tightening of the Bands

by anonymous

I have bought these and like the idea of reusing the lids . . .but the first time I tried 4 they sealed no problem . . the next time I tried them 3 lids did not seal . . .then I tried them again . . I used 6 lids and 3 didn't seal every time I tried them.

I pressure canned them . . I am thinking I am not tightening the bands right . .

I tried on the second time to back it off a 1/4 inch as they said . . and that's when I had failure and then 3rd time I left them as I originally had hand tightened them and still failure so I think its me . . once I get this right I am planning to buy more.***z-reviews-tattler.shtml***

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Sep 12, 2011
How to tighten the bands for optimal results
by: Tattler

There are two key things to remember when using Tattler Canning Lids. The metal screw band must not be too tight prior to processing, and you must always tighten it after processing, while the jars are hot. We recently (August, 2011) altered our instructions, recommending you only tighten the screw band "finger tip tight" prior to processing. The jar must be allowed to vent properly while in the water bath or pressure canner. A domed up lid, after removing from canner, is evidence of the band being too tight.

After removal from canner, you must tighten the screw band completely. A gorilla grip is not required.

Following these two steps should provide excellent results.

Sep 11, 2011
oops, me bad
by: Anonymous

No you are right it is 1/4 inch not 1/4 turn, I just rechecked it. You can always email tattler and they will respond and give you some suggestions to try. The owner (or CEO forget what he is called) follows some of the blogs of people who he knows uses Tattler lids so he is able to answer questions quickly when they are posted.

Sep 11, 2011
inch or turn?
by: Anonymous

Doesn't it say to back them off 1/4 turn, not inch? I seem to remember a friend who did 1/4 inch and it had said turn. That may be the problem.

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