Salty Pickles

by Alice
(Sidney NE USA)

What would cause my pickles to turn out very salty? It was suggested me to add my alum right in the jar as I put in the brine. Would this cause the saltiness?

Sharon -----------------

You know I have not used alum when making my pickles. So I really could not say if this is what caused your problem. I'll go ahead and post your question. Maybe someone with more experience could answer this for us.

I may just have to try alum though. I'm pickle challenged and have yet to consistently make a nice crispy batch of pickles. Sometimes they are great but sometimes not.

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Salty Pickles
by: karen from canada

I use alum in the bottom of the jars all the time. 1/4 tsp per jar.

All the alum does is give the pickle its crunch. the problem is probably the water. Try a few pint jars for a batch using bottled water to see if it is the water.

Hope this helps. Maybe someone can help me. I make harvard beets and they go black, not the nice red I enjoy. What am i doing wrong?

too much salt
by: Sam

Made the mistake of doubling salt in the brine and dills are very salty. What can I do don't want to throw them out.

unsalty pickles
by: Anonymous

My pickles were also very salty, did not want to throw them out! Dumped out one half of the brine and filled the jar up with regular water.

I put them back in the fride and after a couple of days the excess salt had been pulled out of the cukes! And they were still crunchy!

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