Raw Pack Peaches in Pressure Canner

by s c johnson
(north carolina)

I followed all the steps for preparing and then proceeded to raw pack my peaches. I added hot syrup and placed in a pressure canner. I waited 10 minutes for the pressure to build once i saw a steady stream of steam. I then placed my 5 lb pressure knob on the pressure canner I waited for it to rock and then let it cook for 8 minutes under 5 lbs of pressure.

Did I do something wrong or did I get to processes mined up? Is the food safe or have I ruined 1`20 lbs of peaches


Yes you did get your processes mixed up. Peaches only need a water bath Your peaches will be safe.... however they are very well cooked! They may be mushy.

But all is not lost. If the peaches are mushy just blend them up as you open the jars and use them to top ice cream or pancakes. Add them to smoothies or milkshakes.

You may want to drain off some juice before you blend them. Or leave the juice and blend it and simply drink it!

Even mushy peaches are good.

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How about ...
by: Anonymous

ice cold peach smoothies! Mmmmmm...

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