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Presto Pressure Cookers in general

by Toni
(San Jose, Ca.)

I have been in housewares (selling parts and providing service for 37 years! and even selling Pressure cookers). I have sold Presto parts for years and years.

When I started to can, I went to the flea market and got a 16 qt. older style heavy aluminum pressure canner. No sweat! I bought all new parts. I also pressure tested it to be sure it held air. I looked it over carefully of course. It had barely been used.

The newer units have a "rocking" style pressure regulator. The old ones have the center part that raises 5-10-15 pounds.

The thing is, explosions of cookers usually only happen when there is a worn out part, or someone using it on too high heat.

The steam vent (in the center of cooker or on the side where the regulator goes on) can become blocked with minerals, or food particles. Check to be sure that hole is clear all the time.

My customers always used the gaskets way beyond what they were meant to do.The shrinkage will cause it to leak and get the gasket hot. Change the gaskets! clean out the grooves where the gasket sits! this causes a bad fit.

Also the regulator and air vent get worn out. The center of the rocking regulator (looks like a many sided star washer) can corrode and fall out. Therefore you cannot build pressure at all. The little rubber air vent (on the outside or under the handle) can leak and fall out-they shrink.
I am thinking about a newer model soon. They are lighter.

I like people to be safe. Please read directions! People usually do not.

I hope this helped some people. I have always like my 2 pressure cookers and my old canner.

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