Pre freezing tomatoes

by Jodi
(Medina, Ohio)

Is it possible to freeze tomatoes as they start getting ripe then can them at a later date?


Jodi: I have not done this myself. My only concern is that when you defrost the tomatoes they will not have the same consistency. They will be mushy. So I suppose it depends on how you intend to use them. For sauces it might work fine.

Maybe someone else who has done this will comment on this question.


Some time later......

I've come back to edit this and say... I tried it and it works great! Really highly recommend freezing tomatoes for using in sauces.

Perfect if you are getting just a few tomatoes at a time and want to save them for when you have enough for a whole batch.

The plus is......when you thaw the tomatoes, no blanching needed to peel. So easy!

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Freezing tomatoes
by: Anonymous

Jodi, that is exactly what I do. I blanch the tomatoes, seed & skin them and then put them in a freezer bag. That way, when I have enough to begin a batch of something to can, I just take them out of the freezer bag and put them into the pan.

Freezing Tomatoes
by: Anonymous

I simply core them and then freeze them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. When solid, I toss them in a 2 gallon zippered freezer bag. When I have enough for a batch of something (usually a sauce of some kind, as I don't really use whole tomatoes), I fill the sink with warm water and let them thaw. The skin slip off very easily, almost more easily than the boiling water method since you aren't burning your hands! The peeled frozen tomatoes are less firm than the ones plunged in boiling water and then peeled, yes.

Freeze tomatoes to then make salsa?
by: Anonymous

Sounds like everyone thinks it will work ok to freeze tomatoes and then later make sauce.

Do you think frozen tomatoes could later be used to make canned salsa? I've never made homemade salsa before so I don't know how important the texture of the tomatoes is.

Freezing Tomatoes: Mom always has
by: Anonymous

Granted, she mainly uses hers for salsa and tomatoes that she puts into chili. She never bothered canning the plain tomatoes, just thawed and added to her chili.

For the salsa, she would blanch, skin, and seed them and then put them in the freezer until she had enough for a batch.

A tip, make sure you mark how many tomatoes you're putting in the freezer.

Freezing Tomatoes BETTER than blanching!
by: Sandy

For many years I have gone through the hassle of blanching tomatoes to skin them prior to canning, but not any more!

I simply wash the tomatoes, pull the stems, throw them into zip lock bags and then pop them into the freezer. When ready to can, just run hot water over the tomatoes for a few seconds, cut the stem end off and the tomato pops right out of the skin.

I've done this to can pizza sauce, salsa and stewed tomatoes. I have not noticed any difference in the end result. I absolutely will never go back to blanching again! This is the only way to skin a tomato if you ask me!

Freezing vs Blanching tomatoes
by: Sandy

The freezing method really is wonderful! mmm I think I am the one who started this post ;-)

So easy and no scalding water to deal with! BUT to answer some of your questions, the tomatoes do not hold their form as well as when you blanch them. So if making stewed tomatoes or canning whole tomatoes I would stick to blanching.

But for tomatoe sauces, pizza and pasta sauces, or any type of salsa, freezing is the only way to go in my opinon. The skins truly do slip right off the tomato with a little warm water. Just make sure you don't put them in a sink or bowl of warm water and leave them in too long or the tomato will start to get mushy and harder to slip the skins off.

Right now I have about 50 gallon size freezer bags full of tomatoes in my freezer waiting to be canned. I canned just enough in the heat of summer to get us through a few months and will can the rest now that it has gotten cooler. (Sharon thinks this is brilliant!)

We live in the mountains and heat with wood so canning now will help heat the house too ;-) Happy Holidays to all of you!

(Sandy would you contact me through my contact at the bottom of the page... I'd love to chat with you about canning on a wood stove!)

roast and then freeze tomatoes for sauce
by: Frances

I half and then roast my tomatoes in the oven. I usually add garlic cloves, olive oil, salt & pepper and sometimes onions. Then I freeze them. They work great for sauce. I have also taken them out of the freezer, made sauce and then canned it. That way I can make the sauce when I have time.

Oh that sounds soooo good. I think I'm hungry. :) Sharon

Frozen tomatoes
by: Beth

At the end of the garden season everything gets ripe at the same time. When I don't have time for the tomatoes I take a bag full and put them in the freezer. When they thaw out, the skins fall right off. They are the perfect consistancy for chili or stew. I will also take out a whole bag and make pasta sauce.

Update re: freezing vs blanching and my 50 gallon bags of tomatoes ;)
by: Sandy

Wanted to update my posts on freezing tomatoes for easier skinning and for later use. As I stated in an earlier post I hada bumper crop of tomatoes 2 years ago and after canning hund, reds and hundreds quarts of pasta sauce, pizza sauce and salsa I still ended up with at least 50 gallon bags stuffed with Romas.

Due to being called out of town from December til June I wasn't able to can them as planned when the weather cooked. Well last summer was a crop failure for several reasons so I ended up with ZERO tomatoes to can. Time to pulled out the frozen ones from the previous year!

I ended up canning all but 2 of the gallon bags of the yr old tomatoes. The salsa etc... was as good as always! Just recently I pulled out the two bags that were now 2 yrs old and made homemade tomato soup with them! I had to cut away a bit of freezer burn. But it turned out great!

I think a big part of being able to keep them in the freezer for so long is that it is NOT a auto defrost freezer. Auto defrost causes freezer burn and does not keep foods as well as non defrosting freezers.

This year is another bad year for tomatoes. Way too much rain. And no frozen tomatoes either ;( thank goodness for a pantry lined with last years canned goods! Happy canning to all of you!

by: Sandy

Sorry about all the typos in my last post! Battery was running low and didn't have time to proof read ;)

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