I've been interviewed by some great folks. 

Here I share links to canning podcasts where I've been interviewed on other peoples shows.  These are always fun to do.  I like meeting new people and since they are interested in canning we are usualy pretty like minded.  Go check out the shows and their websites and information. 

My very own show..... the Simply Canning Podcast

The Survival Mom Radio Network was a great experience.  I worked with these ladies and learned how to podcast.  What a job!  They are a group of like minded ladies with a ton of information to share!

Although I am not currently creating podcasts, the shows I've done are all archived there.  So go check it out.  Find here outlines and notes about shows. Enjoy!

(and let me know in the comments below if you found them helpful.  If enough are interested you never know, I may just start up again.) 

Simply Canning: It’s apple season! Canning apples, applesauce, apple butter and more! Today I am going to talk Apples ’cause it is apple season here in western Colorado!  Canning Apples, Applesauce and Apple butter, Apple pie filling and
clear jel and I share a delicious, easy apple burrito dessert recipe.

Simply Canning: Dill, zucchini, and salsa Fall clean-up is starting. Today I’ll discuss  – Dill, zucchini and salsa. What do you do with Dill?  How to harvest, dehydrate and save dill weed and dill seed. Have overgrown zucchini?  Make zoodles! Directions to dehydrate zucchini chips, diced and zoodles. Finally I share some Salsa safety tips.

Simply Canning: Canning venison Sharon gives methods for canning venison, elk and beef.   Learn how to can it and then how to use it.  Today learn tips for canning chicken, chicken broth and chicken soup.  Sharon tells her experience and how she started canning her own meat and broths.

Simply Canning: Preserving tomatoes Sharon shares tips for preserving tomatoes. Canning, dehydrating and freezing.  Learn her favorite trick to reduce time spent canning tomato sauce.  Learn how to peel your tomatoes without blanching and gain insight on making and using your own tomato powder.

Simply Canning: 6 Ways to preserve your corn harvest Preserving Corn at Home.  6 Safe methods for preserving corn at home.  Canning, dehydrating, freezing both on the cob and off, relish and last but not least add some sugar and get corn cob jelly out of those otherwise wasted cobs.

Simply Canning: All about green beans: Tips on canning green beans, dehydrating, pickling and freezing.  Plus learn how easy it is to use in your own recipes and Sharon’s Green Beans and Bacon recipe.   

The Jarbox, long term canning jar storage. Searching for a sturdy canning jar storage box? Struggling and tired of broken, dirty jars? Tired of having to oh so carefully carry your soft, torn, just about to fall apart boxes of jars. Do you travel a lot yet love to eat healthy on the road and would like to be able to bring your home canned foods with you? Check out the Jarbox.

Interview with Lorraine Ayre of Vegetable Gardening with Lorraine Part Two: Interview Part Two Worm Composting. Have you ever heard of worm farming? Lorraine and I discuss the benefits, how to set up a worm farm and how to use this 'liquid gold' compost in your garden. We also discuss the importance of quality garden tools and why the investment is worth the expense.

Interview with Lorraine Ayre of Vegetable Gardening with LorrainePart one: Today we discuss French Intensive Gardening, a method of double digging gardens. We also cover composting how to. Lorraine breaks this topic down into language every gardener can understand. She give practical examples and how to do it steps. I've been managing a garden for years and she has inspired me to try some new things.

Interview with Brad Stieg of Tattler Reusesable Canning lids. Interview with Brad Stieg of Tattler Reuseable Canning lids. Find out what these lids are. Hear tips on how to use them effectively. Hear how long will they last! save money in the long run by not buying over and over again.

Learn about Fermenting Food and the Perfect Pickler. Wendy from the Perfect Pickler is full of knowledge about fermenting foods and the health benefits. I didn't realize just how much there is to know. The Perfect Pickler made the process fool proof. Really.... If I can do it... so can you. I made some fermented sauerkraut and it was SO much easier than using a crock and skimming off the icky stuff. No icky stuff involved!

Why home preserving should be a part of a preparedness plan. This show is for those who are looking at canning from a preparedness or self reliant life stye point of view. Why you should consider learning home preserving in addition to the usual stock of number ten cans of freeze dried foods that are usually recommended. Why you need to start learning this skill now. Don't wait until your food for the winter depends on your ability to put up hundreds of jars at a time. You don't need to be able to do it all at once. Learn the slow and easy way. Begin small and build up the list of items you know how to preserve.

Welcome and Canning Safety. This first episode gives an introduction and tells a little bit about my family. I then get right to work and give an overview of the canning safety issues you need to keep in mind when you are considering home canning. Start at the very beginning right? Food acidity, the difference in water bath and pressure canners and why you need them. Much of this information can also be found in my book Simple Steps Canning Guide. Finally I end up with a quick question and answer from an e-mail I received. Size of pressure canner and my preferences are revealed!

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