Never Again for Potatoes

Home Canned Potatoes with Tattler Lids

Home Canned Potatoes with Tattler Lids

I have been using Tattler lids for three years. I have had mixed results. They worked fine for nearly everything but potatoes.

I canned multiple loads, using different kinds of potatoes and nearly all of the Tattler lids became unsealed during the first year. The jar was sealed at first but became unsealed during storage. I had other jars of potatoes that were sealed with a metal lid and all are still sealed and doing fine.

I will NEVER use a Tattler lid again for potatoes. I also do not like that tomatoes stain the lid and I am hesitant to reuse the rubber seal especially after it has been pressure canned. The ring has marks in it from the lid and I don't trust it to seal. Maybe it will but canning is a lot of work and it is very aggravating to throw out all of my hard work.

Pitching thirty quarts of potatoes is way beyond my limit!!

Sharons reply,

Oh that must be frustrating. I wonder why it was only your potatoes that were unsealing. I canned some potatoes last fall. I just ran and checked them to see if there were any problems and I still have 5 pints left all still sealed with no problem. (I posted a picture above) It is possible that something went wrong with your processing method. If the jars were not processed long enough or at the correct pressure that would cause the potatoes to spoil. Spoiling would cause them to unseal.

Here are directions for how to can potatoes for any readers that are looking.

As far as the staining.... you are right. They do get stained. It is an unfortunate reality. Tattler does produce red lids so you could use those for items that might stain.

And don't be afraid to reuse those gaskets. I've used mine over after the pressure canner with no issues at all.

Thank you for sharing your experience.


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Sep 03, 2013
same here!
by: catherine

I love the lids, but had the same thing happen! All my potatoes sealed, then they started showing black in the potatoes, upon checking the lids were open, I will never use them for potatoes, or beans for that matter, I think it Must be the starch factor. Thanks for posting this, I thought I must have done something wrong.

Jul 21, 2013
Tattler rings
by: Michelle

Tattler directions tell you to turn the rings over for use the next time. I feel the ring and can usually feel a slight indentation on the side I used the last time canning. I turn it over so the indentation is AGAINST the lid. When the metal ring goes on it flattens the the rubber ring against the lid and the jar edge.

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