My National Presto No. 7 is one of my oldest friends.

After I was first married, my grandma brought her canner to my house and helped me can vegetables from the garden.

Years later, I was blessed with the acquisition of her old canner and that is a very special memory.

My mom and I have since canned lots of food together.... vegetables, venison, and chicken/turkey.

She uses a newer model of Presto No. 7 which is harvest gold in color. Mine is dingy and old looking but it is certainly a trusted friend. I love the ritual and I always pull my chair up right in front of the stove to keep an eye on the pressure gauge during processing.

My husband helps me with the canning now and our oldest son has even borrowed it to can his own salsa. Ooops! The pressure regulator just popped up so I better get my chair over there........ :)

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