My 70's Presto Pressure Canner

by Linda J.
(Kittanning, PA)

My Presto Pressure Canner was bought back in the late 70s from a neighbor who had only used it twice. It is a 21 qt. This ole gal can hold 18 pints stacked, 7 quarts and 4 half gallon jars.

She is even "Harvest" in color--one of the favorite colors from back in the 70s. I have only had to replace the gasket on the lid twice in all these years. She has worked like a dream. I've never had any problems with the canner. The directions are easy to follow--it's great to have pictures!!

My mom had one, too. When she decided to give up canning, it was passed to my daughter-in-law. This poor girl was terrified of the thing at first. She was convinced that she could use it when she saw how much she could save with canning and watching others do it.

She went from a non-canner to making her own salsa. I guess this makes the Presto Canner a family heirloom! :-)

Thanks for many years of canning, Presto!

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pressure canner NEW
by: C. Strong

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Good NEW
by: dwwfefe

I have merely has been necessary to exchange the particular gasket around the street bike two times to all these kind of many years. She obtains did wonders amazing. I have never ever bought any kind of difficulty the particular earner.

Good NEW
by: fscsdcf

I have simply was required to exchange the actual gasket around the motorcycle twice to all these kind of years. She gets did wonders wonderful. I've never ever got any kind of problems with the actual earner. The guidelines are usually simple follow--it's excellent to obtain images!!

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reply NEW
by: Josh

I think Presto pressure canner is one of the best pressure canners and many people are using this canner. I have this one in my home and I am very satisfied with this canner. I prefer this one for you guys. Thank you!

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Health Cooker Model 22 NEW
by: Terese

I hope the young lady that bought the Health Pressure Cooker found a manual for it. It was made by the National Company which eventually became Presto. There are parts etc still available for it.
this is my favorite site for information and parts.

I bought a Health Pressure Cooker Model 22
by: Sabrina

My husband and I bought this pressure cooker on Ebay and it did not come with a manual so we are not to sure of how it works.

Was wondering if you could tell us a little about it or how it works. If you could help me out that would be great, Thank You.

Hi Sabrina, I am not familiar with those pressure cookers so I did a search. I found that the company that made these cookers is out of business so parts and or the manual is not available. You might run across one somewhere but I don't know where.

Keep in mind that in order to safely process your pressure cooker will need to be able to hold at least 4 quart jars. See this past question for more information:

Canning in a Pressure Cooker?

I'm not sure just how old your cooker is so Im not sure if this applies, but I also found this article on Miss Vickies pressure cooker site about vintage pressure cookers. You might want to read it. I has information on why the VERY old pressure cookers might not be a good idea.

Vintage Pressure Cookers

Sorry I don't have more information for you. Sharon

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