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Thrive: Long Term Food Storage....
Is it worth it?

This is my story with Thrive Live foods.  previously known as Shelf Reliance. I started as a consultant a while back.  In fact I just checked to see just how far back... it was 2012.  That is two years from the date of writing this page. 

I like thrive foods but I was not comfortable with the whole concept of a monthly shipment where you have to pay shipping costs.  I felt that personally I did not like making those monthly purchases, it seems to me it would be more cost effective to purchase more product, less often and save on shipping. 

It just kept bugging me so I made the decision to stop ordering monthly. And make orders less often to save on shipping.  Not that I disliked the company, not that I disliked the foods.  But it was not for me. So how can I possibly promote it to you?!? I dropped the program. 

Well fast forward two years.  Have I consistently made those purchases? Nope. Has my stock of foods been growing?  Nope.  I do purchase wheat and sugar, oil some of the basics.  All this is done locally.  But things like freeze dried fruits which we love so much.  I have not continued those purchases.

Soooooo I'm back.  :)  I realized that the whole concept of that monthly automatic purchase might not be such a bad idea.   And I might as well share it with you!  

No high stress sales pitches here.   You make YOUR decision.  Do you have the self will and organizational skills to stock your pantry? ... or would a one time set up and automatic shipments be a valuable tool for you.  If so, read on.  The automatic Q system might just be the ticket for you. 

And just in case you are wondering, the automatic shipments are totally optional.  You can go in and just make a purchase if you'd rather.

Long Term Food Storage

Yes long term food storage is the main reason I started looking into emergency food supply companies. I home preserve through canning, freezing, and dehydrating lots of foods myself. I hardly ever buy canned food from the store. I don't need to, I've stocked my shelves from my garden.

But I realized that getting a supply of food on hand that will last for long term is important as well. When I sampled some Thrive Foods, I decided to look into this company some more. You know what???

I've discovered that freeze dried foods are pretty handy for every day as well. :0) I think that is important too. As the saying goes, store what you eat, and eat what you store. Using these foods now will help you if you ever are in an emergency situation.

Individual ingredients? Or convenience foods?

Personally I prefer to order mostly individual ingredients. I combine these foods with the foods I can and preserve myself here at home. However they do also have meals ready to go. 


It is a great way to get some convenience type foods.

If you are here on Simply Canning I am assuming you are a canner. Combine your own home canned chicken stock and use freeze dried thrive veggies for a quick soup. With homemade chicken broth and thrive vegetables.... you've got a quick soup that is much healthier than the salt and preservative laden soup that comes in a can at the store.  Even better is to combine your own preserved veggies.... but there are always times when the quick cooking of freeze dried is pretty convenient.

Add freeze dried fruits to homemade granola... or store bought granola for that matter. You can't hardly get too many dried fruits right?

I do this a lot! Add it to just plain oats. Talk about a quick easy breakfast.  I even make this for a midday snack.  I put about 1/3 cup oats in a bowl.  Add a handful of freeze dried fruits.  (pears is a favorite) heat it up, add a splash of milk or cream.  The freeze dried fruits adds a bit of sweet to the oats.  Healthy quick and easy.

Dried onions are always handy to have around.

I have not even mentioned all the recipes yet. Each can of food has recipes right on the can... and they have a bunch of recipes on the site as well. Many are demonstrated on video.

The Planner - setting up a long term food storage plan.

Long Term Food Storage is Peace of Mind

Lets get back to your storage plan. Not sure where to start your food storage? How much do you need of what? And how long is it going to take you to get all this food? The Thrive Planner is set up to help you figure out how much, of what types of food you need for the number of people you are providing for. Enter in the number of adults and children, then tell the system what types of food you are interested in stocking. 

Do you want just the basics..... the system will tell you how much you might plan for.

Do you want convenience meals?.....(ham friend rice, chicken salad sandwiches, brownies etc) the system will make suggestions for you.

Do you want to store more fruits because you grow a vegetable garden yourself but don't have access to things like strawberries or blue berries. Tell the system.

The planner adapts and suggests foods according to the preferences you set up.You can then go in and change that plan if you want.  The control is all at your fingertips.

The Q - Fit long term food storage in your monthly budget.

Next option is to set up a Q. Setting up a Q  is totally optional. You can also just place single orders... but the Q helps you get organized. It takes your list that you just planned out, and develops a system to get that wish list into your home.

Decide how much of your grocery budget you want to spend at Thrive Life. The Q looks at all the foods you've chosen, and sets monthly orders for you that fit that budget! You don't have to manually go in every month to make your choices.  You can change that list at any time so no worries if you change your mind. 

One of my favorite features of the Que is that is notifies you before your order is ready to be shipped. This reminds you of your shipment then you can go in and edit it if you choose. The Que can be edited at any time (before it ships). Or you can put your orders on hold, and then start them up again later.

You can even tell the Que when you want to place your orders. Beginning of the month? or on the 10th of the month? It is your choice. Once your Shelf Reliance Que it is set up you are good to go.

Are you ready to consider Thrive Life?

If you are interested in purchasing freeze dried foods through Thrive click through to my consultant store for the best prices. Check out what they have and look through some of the reviews. 

You get a break by ordering through an independent consultant like me. (that is my obligatory disclaimer.... I'm an independent consultant, I do get a benefit should you purchase through my store.  Thank you!)

You should see Hosting Consultant: Sharon Peterson in the top border.

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