Liquid loss in Jars

Help!!! It seems every time I pressure can I am losing nearly half of my liquid. The jars come out only two thirds full. What am I doing wrong? I have a pressure weight, not a gauge.

This is one of those things that is hard to say just why it happens.
These are some possibilities

This might mean you had incorrect head space. Or possibly you did not get out air bubbles before putting on the lids.

Did you try to speed up the cool down time after your processing time is completed? Be sure and let the canner cool all on its own. Then when your pressure is at zero and you open the lid, leave the jars for 2-3 minutes more before taking them out of the canner. This slows the cooling a bit and lessens liquid loss.

As long as you used the correct processing pressure,time and method you should be ok.

Your foods will be fine. The food above the liquid level may darken a bit.

If liquid loss is excessive (like well below halfway) go ahead and put it in the front of your storage area so it will get used first.

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