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Get help from the LDS Food Storage experts. The First thing you need to do if considering home food storage is educate yourself. The LDS Church is a most generous help. They have long been teaching their congregations to preserve and gather food.

Long term food storage is something they've been practicing for years.

I am NOT a member of their church yet the people at the local bishops storehouse have been friendly and helpful.

If you know of someone from the LDS church, ask them if they have a bishops storehouse? These storehouses can be big with an in-house cannery or a small centers with food available for purchase. The local storehouse has great prices on bulk food and the people there are super friendly. In fact I've told them they are almost overwhelmingly friendly!

Each storehouse is different, most will have already prepackaged foods available for purchase. Some will have an in house cannery where you can dry can your own goods.

Others (like the one in my town) may not have a large facility to work in but will have dry canners for loan. If you think about it that is a very generous policy. The storehouse here does not require a deposit or any fees. That is a pretty expensive piece of equipment to be loaning out to a perfect stranger with nothing more than a phone number and address! You do not need to be a member of the church to purchase from them. And I have never been pressured to join the church.

From what I understand most storehouses are like this. But each one sets its own policies so you probably should call ahead to find out the details. If you have a Mormon friend ask them about their church policies. If you don't know anyone from the church, look in the phone book. They should have a listing there. Call the Bishop for your area and ask if they have a food storehouse and if you can purchase there.

Other options are online websites. Bulk food sources. Many bulk emergency food suppliers have blogs and or articles regarding food storage and emergency preparedness.

There are preparedness blogs and groups that have a treasure trove of information. Most people are willing to help and answer questions. Do a search on preparedness and your state. Many states have groups that discuss emergency preparedness.

Thinking about Home Food Storage

Home Food Storage Why would I consider working on a home food storage plan? Because I love it when my family looks at me like I'm crazy... just kidding! Really there are good reasons for being prepared.

Emergency Food Supply Short and Long Term Food Storage. Trying to figure out just where you should start? When I finally got it through my head that I should plan for long term AND short term... well it saved many many brain cells. Much simpler to break things down.

Food Grade Storage Containers A discussion of the options for containers to keep it all in. Most important... it MUST be food grade.

LDS Food Storage Mormon food storage experts....generous with their knowledge.

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