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by Jacqueline Kurmey
(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)

I have had a steam canner for at least 35 years and would use no other. Mine is almost worn out from yearly use! It is very easy to use and, I feel it is safer than the hot water canner.

I leave the lid on the canner for one hour after turning off the burner, then I remove the jars and put them on a folded tea towel. Then I put in the next load.

I find if I boil the water at a med-high heat (rather than high) and leave the jars in the canner for an hour, they do not lose the liquid when the heated jars hit the cooler air.

I also can my fruits with honey rather than sugar.

I now use cloth gloves with a rubber coating on them (renovation and construction gloves by Horizon)to take jars out of the canner or to hold jars I am filling with hot jam. It works very well. No burning of the hands or slipping of the jars. These gloves are available at hardware stores.

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Oct 13, 2013
Would love to know more
by: Anonymous

about those gloves. I've looked online just now using the description you gave but came up (nearly) empty-handed. (The one site showed a photo without a description - at all! - so I decided to look elsewhere but didn't find another. Is there anything else you can tell us about them?

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