Reprocessing Pickles

Yesterday, I had 3 jars of pickles that did not seal. Is there anyway I could just recan them? If I did, I am guessing I would need to use a brand new lid..... I hate to loose three whole jars of pickles. I have them in the fridge right now

Thanks for you help,
Julia - WA


Canning foods again that do not seal the first time is safe, as long as you do so withing 24 hours. Since you have had them in the fridge I think you will be fine.

I have to say though that with pickles they might turn mushy from being cooked twice. It might not be a problem but just so you know the possibility.

You'd need to reheat them before you can them again. Yes, use new lids.

The other option is to just use them right away. They will last in the fridge just like other pickles and since you found the lost seal right away you are safe. Maybe a friend might want a jar of your pickles?


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