How much water do I need to use in a pressure caner?

by Hillbilly Homer

How much water do I need to use in a pressure caner? Ive been using 3"-4" for my quarts and I was told that I needed to fill the caner up to the lids. Is this right?


In a pressure canner you put about 3 quarts water in before your jars. When you place your jars the water will come about half way up your jars or possibly to the shoulders.

For some items that have a really long processing time (corn and meats) I will start with 4 quarts of water instead of 3. I just feel like it ensures that my canner will not run dry.

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Apr 20, 2015
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by: neil johnes

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Aug 31, 2013
Too Much Water
by: Anonymous

I have had the same question and covered them completely. I was canning carrots. We have eaten them and we are fine. Hope this helps. They took forever to reach the pressure point though because of the amount of water.

Sep 11, 2012
too much water
by: Anonymous

Is your product safe if water is filled to cover jars? I browned/cooked sausage, then made a spaghetti sauce. Obtained 11 of pressure, continued for 70 minutes of cooking. Is this food safe, all were sealed/

Jun 27, 2012
Too much water
by: Anonymous

A pressure canner should not be filled more than two thirds of the way with water after the jars are in. One of the biggest problems in using too much water, is that it will take a long time to come up to heat. Other than that I don't think there is any danger. I'm not an expert canner and have only been canning for about a year, but these are my thoughts.

Oct 23, 2011
Too much water?
by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me, is there any danger in using too MUCH water in a pressure canner?

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