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Have been using a steam Canner and never looked back

by Anonymous

I have been canning for about 3 years now, so I'm relatively new to the art. Started with a water bath Canner, but a friend told me about the ease of steam canning so I bought one. I've had no problems with fruit and high acid foods canned in it, in fact it's made canning a pleasure for me.

No spoilage, no sealing failures, and when canning fruit it heats the jars up nicely (the liquid inside is still boiling when time's up)Steam can get hotter than boiling water, so I don't know what the gov. is about when saying the jars don't heat up enough.

I would definitely recommend it. But make sure you follow directions. There are two little holes that steam escapes from and these need to be emitting about an 8 inch stream before starting the timer.

When in doubt, follow directions!

I can only assume that the companies that make mason jars, also make water bath canners, so maybe there's a bit of self interest there?

It bears repeating: The Steam canner is for FRUIT and High Acid foods ONLY. When I can meat/veggies I use a Pressure Canner.

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Aug 25, 2011
Good to Know
by: Sassy

Thank you Sharon for the info on the steamer and it's good see the comments on how well it works. I figure it saves a lot of water too.

Ever since I saw it on your post some time ago, I've thought about buying one but haven't seen them in the stores.

Aug 25, 2011
Steam Canner
by: Rosie

I have been canning for over 30 years and last weekend just bought a steam canner. You are right - I will never go back.

What I love is now that my family is grown, I am putting up smaller jars that always tilt on the rack in the old water bath canner. I was never sure if they would seal.

In the steam canner the rack is smooth and the jars don't tilt, plus you can put more jars in. I bought one with an altitude gauge on the top, so as soon as the arrow hits the zone for my altitude, I start my timer. Easy! Love it!

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