Simply Canning Gift Guide

I love giving gifts.  It's fun to find that special something or that perfect unusual item that I know the receiver will love. 

simply canning gift guide

I used to enjoy a bit of hustle and bustle during the holiday season.  But any more that hustle and bustle has turned into a chaotic environment!  It's push and hurry, and stressful. 

I don't like it.  It takes away from the meaning of shopping for fun presents for those I love. I still do some in person shopping at local shops.  I do love supporting small local businesses. 

I've discovered that I really like online shopping for Christmas buying.   Shopping online I can do from my own home at my convenience and it is soooooo much more relaxing and enjoyable.

I thought I'd recommend to you some items that I think would be great presents.  The companies and products you see here are all folks I invited to participate on this page. Some of these are directly canning related.... some are just things I like and I think you will too.  

I bet you will find something here that will make that perfect gift.  And look for some discount codes from some of the merchants!

I'll be sharing each on facebook in the coming weeks so if you follow me there you'll see them again.  In the meantime this page will be available right here until 2014 ends.  Can you believe the year has gone by so fast!

Sharon's recommendations:
Christmas gifts to bless your friends and loved ones 

Pantry Paratus

We long for simpler times--when you knew what was in your food & you had an active part in bringing it to the table to enjoy with your family.  At Pantry Paratus, we endeavor to equip and to teach pantry preparedness--healthy, wholesome food to nourish the family from the inside out, today and in the future.  Thanks for sharing in our mission by supporting us.

Special Offer  "Get a free silicone honey dipper with a purchase $35 or more."  Put this silicone honey dipper in your cart, and use the code FREEGIFT at checkout.   $4.00 value.

Sharon's Recommendations: Pantry Paratus is a family owned company who work with integrity and they will give you great customer service. And I can say that from personal experience!  Chaya and I have met and found we have a lot in common! 

Now to pick a few items from their shop to recommend.   Wow I don't know what to choose first!  They have a full line of kitchen items. Canning, baking and cheese making, are a few of the sections in their store.  Do you have someone on your list who is dreaming of an All American Canner? click here. How about adding a Canning DVD for those who learn best by seeing.  Garden books and heirlooms seeds for the garden next spring might just be the ticket. 

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids were developed in 1976 by Loren C. Stieg. The creation was to offer the home canner a product that could be re-used indefinitely and curtail the waste of throw-away lids. Most recently, after years of pursuing an even better product, Stieg hit upon a re-design that enables Tattler lids to be even easier to use.

The recent release of the self venting, ‘E-Z Seal’ Tattler, makes us very similar to the conventional metal lid. Simply assemble the combination reusable lid, rubber gasket seal and metal band, snug the metal band down and process.  We do recommend checking the metal bands for tightness after processing.

Sharon Recommendation:  I have used the original tattlers myself for many years with success.  These would be a great gift item for that serious canner who wants lids to last.  The new design comes in a mint green color and I hear they may just be creating some new colors too! Click here to go to Tattlers Website. 

Chalky Talky   Chalky Talky Chalkboard Labels & Markers You spend so much time canning great tasting foods. Why ruin the effect by using messy labels? These reusable chalkboard labels, bring a fresh look to showcase your work. Even better, you can put them in the freezer, dishwasher, or switch them to a new jar easily. When done, just wipe clean and write down the details of your latest creations.

Exclusively on Amazon, use code: SCXMAS20 at checkout to get 20% off your entire order of our collection of labels and markers. Offer expires 1/01/15

Sharon's Recommendation:  I use Chalky Talky labels in my own kitchen. They label canning jars, dry food containers, even my daily calendar has one of these on the cover.  Best of all they are perfect for decorating your own canning products if you are giving your own canned goods or making gift baskets this Christmas!  Use the white liquid chalk markers or do like I did and buy colored markers to match products, baskets or containers. 

Trayer Wilderness

trayer wilderness

We are a family of three living traditionally off-grid in the northern Idaho wilderness. Each of us bring unique talents to our home and website with hand made soaps & candles, traditional gift items, hand forged decorative items, tools and survival tools, hand crafted elk hide moccasins, hand woven survival paracord items and our fabricated multi purpose fire piston the MultiFlame Tools.  Our shop has items with pricing from 5.00 to 150.00.  We have a little bit of something for everyone at

Discount Code:  SimplyCanning Use this at checkout for a 10% discount

Sharon's Recommendations: Tammy at Trayer Wilderness is another person whom I have met and enjoyed meeting.  I also have used some of her products.  Though I have not used their multiflame tool I've seen you tube reviews that highly rate them. And with the lifestyle the Trayers live I'm sure they wouldn't build something unless it works.  A multi flame tool would be the perfect gift for that outdoorsman who has everything.  I bet he doesn't have one of these.  And I HAVE used Tammy's homemade goats milk soaps.  I LOVE them.  Beautiful, sweet smelling, smooth and creamy texture, they are a perfect addition to a gift basket. 


JarBox is the new, one-of-kind jar storage system. Available in quart and pint sizes, JarBox securely holds 12 quart-size jars for storage or transport. It's perfect for storing wide-mouth or regular mouth jars, whether glass or plastic.

Each JarBox set includes a top and bottom shell which are interchangeable. JarBoxes stack using their unique locator rings​, removing the need for shelves. Each Jarbox contains 12 specially-designed “cells” which nestle every jar, preventing jar-to-jar breakage. JarBoxes are the last system you will ever need to care for your jars.​

​Discount code: JARBOX2014​

Add this code at checkout to get either quart or pint size set for only 10.00!

Sharon's recommendation: I have a couple of these Jarboxes in the quart sizes.  They are amazing.  Truly you can literally shake the box (if you are strong enough!) while full of jars and the jars DO NOT BREAK.  The reason is the jars do not touch each other.  I use mine when we are traveling.  It is perfect to strap to a 4-wheeler or stack in your motor home for travel.  If you are really cool you could get a pint size box, fill it with a variety of your own foods that you have canned for the occasion.  Anyone would treasure a dozen jars of goodness and love!


Mason-Re  The Mason-re koozie is the first Silicone koozie designed from the ground up to perfectly fit a wide mouth pint jar. Whether it is drinking your morning coffee, your afternoon beer, or your evening cocktail, our koozies insulate your hot or cold beverage. Our koozies don’t have any animal hides or petroleum products and can withstand temperatures from below-zero to over 400ºF. They’re non-toxic and BPA free. We believe that true sustainability comes from using less items for more things. This is why we focus on the mason jar - one of the most versatile and reusable products out there.

Sharon's Recommendation I have one of these wide mouth koozies and they are so nice.  I love the feel of the silicone. Mine is combined with the Eco Jarz lid you see on this page as well. These koozies sit on a table or counter level and secure.  I've had cup holders that make the jar seem unsteady and feels like it is going to tip.  Not with this koozie.  My personal favorite is the purple but they come in black and orange as well.  Choose your gift recipients favorite. Place an individual serving size hot apple cider mix, or a flavored tea bag with this and make a nice gift. 


EcoJarz PopTop is a totally Sealable Drinking Jar Lid, which turns any canning jar into the perfect container for water, juice, smoothies and so much more.  The silicone plug makes a tight seal, ensuring that not a drop is lost.  So go ahead, screw it on your jar and then throw it in your bag, play catch with it, or just give it a big hug!  Made of stainless steel and high quality FDA-grade silicone, PopTop is designed to last.  A marriage of glass and stainless steel for a truly safe drinking vessel.

Sharon's recommendation: I have a bright green silicon ecojarz lid that is combined with the Mason-Re koozie that you see on this page. A perfect combo. 

Ecojarz also gave me one of these new pop top lids,what a fantastic idea!  From my experience so far.... this poptop lid truly doesn't leak. Perfect for that person who hates drinking from plastic travel mugs.  I used to always reuse plastic water bottles. This is my go to water bottle now.  

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