Double stacking pint jars

My canning book says that I can double stack pint jars in my pressure canner. Do I need to have
a rack or something between the jars or can I simply place the jars on top of one another?


Yes you do need to have a rack between your jars. You can purchase another rack just like the one that came with your canner or use some other type of rack.

How lucky you are that your canner will fit two layers!

These pages have ideas for other things to use for racks. Maybe they will give you ideas of what you may already have.

canning rack alternatives

canning racks

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double stacking pint jars
by: Ninfa

Do i need to add more water in double stacking pint jars?

No you use the same amount as if you had one layer. The reason is that the pressure build up is what processes the food and jars. The amount of water is the same.

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