Discolored Chicken Soup

I followed the directions for chicken soup, including pressure canning and even remembered to change the pressure gauge to 15 lbs because we are at 4,000 feet.

It came out discolored, almost a maroon color, the chicken had disintegrated. It looks safe, no bubbles, and the seals are fine; but not very appetizing.

I opened one jar and boiled it for 2 minutes before tasting, but the color and little bits of floating stuff make it difficult to eat. The kids won't.

What did I do wrong?

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Not sure of this one.
by: Sharon

That is a hard question to answer without knowing just what you did, or the ingredients you used.

Assuming you used just the ingredients in my recipe I can't imagine what would give your soup a maroon color. The broth will sometimes turn out different strengths, however, it will always be broth colored. It may just sometimes more watery, or it can get more yellow if you have a fatty chicken.

At this point I would recommend calling your local extension. They might have more information than I would. I certainly don't want to advise you unless I am very sure of my answer.

Sorry I am not of more help.


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