Canning with Lug Lids

by Gina

How do you can with lug tops? Do you loosen top place in a boilng water canner and then tighten right away or just tighten and not tough it after?

I really need to know. I ordered 144 gourmet jars and they came with professional lug tops without the little button on top that inverts when sealed. so I don't really know if they are sealed? Any guidance will be appreciated.

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Apr 17, 2015
reply NEW
by: Danny

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Feb 07, 2015
The Truth About Canning With Lug Lids NEW
by: Cheryl Johnson

Lug lids, with or without a button, can be used exactly like the Ball/Kerr 2-piece lids. Use the same method with either one. You will be able to tell if the lid is sealed after the canning process, even if it doesn't have a button, by the tension and by the way it looks dished-in. As always, let the product go completely cold before worrying about whether it's sealed or not; often, there is a jar that will take its time to seal. You don't know for sure until it's completely cold. Then (only then), tap on the center of the lid gently with your fingernail. It will give a high, taut sound if sealed; an unsealed lid will have a lower, looser sound. So there are several ways you can check.

Much incorrect information has been circulated about lug lids here. They can be used for both water-bath and pressure canning. Use them just as you would the Ball/Kerr lids.

I have a background in microbiology, and the science here is sound. I have been canning with reused lug-lidded (pickle, salsa, spaghetti sauce, etc.) jars, as well as with Ball/Kerr, for 50 years, as my mother did. I have never once had a problem with food going bad when canned this way, according to the proper methods. Of course, with a jar that didn't seal, you want to refrigerate that, and use it soon.

Another note: the method of canning jam, in turning the jars upside-down, was done when I was a child. It's a sound method. My mother was from Canada, and she did it this way.

Sep 08, 2014
lids for jars
by: Angelique

I love to reuse the square canning jars that sauces come in since it is hard to find them. I just found a source on line tonight. Many of them were using the regular jars with lids like we can purchase. Recently I have noticed they are changing lids so that we can't re use them any more. To me it helps cut down on trash or recycling plus your jars are square and more presentable. Are there lids available for us to get for these jars. Classico Pasta Sauce is the most recent one I have noticed that I always bought just for the re usable jar. Priano is another one. They have a pretty small embossed design around the top and that's about it. Much more attractive than the usual ball and kerr jars.

Mar 19, 2013
Canning with lug lids
by: missredbottom

Lug lids can be used in your canner, just put them on and tight them down as tight as you can with your hands. Make use you leave extra head room, at lease 1 inch as some of the jars do not have a shoulder on them.

Sep 04, 2012
A question...
by: Salina

I would like to make pickles in the lug lid jars... but i know with the traditional pickle canning you have to have the pickles in the jar with the lid on and boil it for 15 minutes. will i be able to do this with the lug style lid?

In case your wondering why I'm not using the regular canning jars... am making mini jars of pickles for a baby shower... and the lug lids on the hexagon jars are cuter.

Aug 01, 2012
Lug Lids
by: Anonymous

Lug lids are one piece lids with a rubber seal on the inside. They are commercial grade for high acid canning. You do not use a waterbath canner. You heat your jam to 180 degrees and pour to the top. Twist on lug lid right away, turn jar upside down, not to create a tight seal, but to also sterilize the lid. Make sure your lug lids are NEW and the rubber seal is good. It will indent in the center just as a two piece mason jar lid/ring does. Any questions just look up British canning methods. This is how they do all their jams in Europe.

Apr 23, 2012
lug lids
by: Anonymous

I am also having the same problem. I have gotten information from the company that bought the jars and lids from but it did not work. Any advice for me I need to get this done soon. I have 200 of these for my daughters upcoming wedding.
I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you

Mar 26, 2011
1 piece lid dilemma
by: Tony

I have been canning with the 2 piece style lids and am very comfortable with using them. Also very experienced with water bath and pressure and low acid.

I want to make the jump to 1 piece lids in an effort to enhance the appearance of the jars so I can market them more effectively. I have found sources for jars with 1 piece gold lids but no definitive advice on processing them. I have seen 1 piece lids available with a button in the middle similar to Kerr but I want to use the lids that are more attractive. Like you see in stores.

I am willing to take a class if that is required or process my jars differently but I have to be sure that I am doing it safely and correctly. I'm using expensive ingredients and for sure don't want someone getting sick.

I need some REAL food science advice. Dont know where to get it. Can you help or direct me to someone who has the answers.

Considering a career change into this as my jars are getting popular and I just can't sell in Kerr jars. I've seen opinions but so far no one who can commit to a process that is safe.

Tony, The reason you probably can't find definitive advice on using these lids is that the USDA does not endorse them. Unfortunately I can't help you either. I've not used them and I am more comfortable using traditional lids.

I'm assuming you'd like the lids to not have the Kerr or Ball brand printed on them. You might want to look at the bulk lids sold by These lids are blank. They do not have any branding on them. Don't know if that will help but it is an idea.

I apologize for not getting right back to you. Your comment slipped past me.

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