Canning Venison Soup

by Tom
(Fremont In)

How safe is what I'm doing? I make a large pot of venison vegetable soup tomato based, boil the noodles separate, put the noodles in the sterilized jar,bring the soup to a boil and fill the jar. that's it.

My Answer:

Hi Tom, Yes canning your own venison vegetable soup is OK.

However, Soups should not be canned with any pasta, thickeners or dairy products.

What you should do is can the soup without the noodles and then just add the noodles when you open the jar later.

Also you really MUST pressure can soup. Botulism is a risk and any vegetables or meat (which your soup has both) must be pressure canned.

According to the National Center for Home Food Preservation soup processing times are:

Quarts must be processed for 1 hour 15 minutes.
Pints must be processed for 1 hour.

You also need to set the pressure on your pressure canner according to your altitude. Here is an altitude adjustment chart to help you figure that out.

Thanks for a great question!

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