Canning Tomato Salsa

Canning Tomato Salsa: I used to can a lot when I was younger but have forgotten some things and am more paranoid about food safety.

I cooked up a pot of salsa with fresh tomatoes, spices, lime juice, salt, etc. then I put it in quart jars in my water bath. It finally came to a boil but it was boiling so big I turned the burner down and then the boiling stopped for a bit until i got it back up.

This happened twice during the total process. But I timed them for about 1 1/2 hours over a burner then just left them in the water until it was cool.

The jars all sealed and look fine. Do you think that they are safe?

There are several reasons I hesitate to say you are fine.

The first one is that I am not familiar with your recipe. I always recommend following USDA guidelines. They are pretty clear in stating that the ratio of veggies to tomatoes is important in determining acidity. You can play with the flavors of spices but not the vegetables. Acidity is what determines if your recipe is safe in the first place. So I don't know if your recipe is a safe tested recipe.

Vinegar and Lemon juice are the 2 ingredients that add the acidity to your salsa. You mention lime juice but not lemon. I don't believe they do the same thing.

Finally as to the timing. I don't have a recipe that gives processing times for quarts. I do know that the product needs to process at a full boil for the whole time.

I'll bet your salsa would be great for freezing or simply making just enough to eat and store in the fridge, but you're better off following a tested recipe if you want to can it.

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still unsure
by: Anonymous

Thanks for replying. Actually at the time, I did not know that the new guidelines called for lemon juice, but I did add white vinegar.

I cooked the salsa in a big pot first until I was satisfied with the taste before putting it into the jars. Since it had been cooked for over an hour before canning did that kill any bacteria that might spoil it? Or does that even count? I appreciate the info.

Adding corn to my salsa recipe
by: Anonymous

I'm having a hard time trying to find fresh corn on the cob this time of year, can i add a couple of cans of corn to my salsa recipe?


Personally I would not add corn to salsa. Corn is a vegetable that has a much longer processing time. It may affect the length of time and the processing the salsa needs to be safe.

I have not seen a source for a tested recipe with corn.... if I find one I'll try to remember and post it here.

Salty Chili sauce
by: J Miller

Last year I found the tomatoes very sweet & got a very sweet chili sauce. I cut down on the sugar for the next batch & got a very salty flavor, was it because I reduced the sugar?

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