Canning Strawberries for the first time and need your advice

by Mary
(Salisbury N.C.)

This is my first time canning and I am as lost as a goose. I have some fresh strawberries that someone gave to me and I would either like to freeze them or can them.

Don't really know what will be the easiest. I have looked up so many ways and they just confuse me, one said one part sugar and six part strawberries.'WHAT!'

I have no idea what they're speaking about.please help! PLEASE

Hi Mary, Strawberries can be either frozen or canned.

Here are some brief directions. I'll put strawberries on my list of pages to build.

Freezing strawberries is probably the easiest and quickest if you have freezer space.

Edited to add - I built a page on this with pictures and step by step instructions.
Here you go! how to freeze strawberries

Sugar pack - Wash your strawberries and remove the greens. Here is where the 6 parts strawberries to 1 part sugar comes in. All that means is if you have 6 cupsof strawberries you'd add 1 cup of sugar. You want 6 times more strawberries than sugar. If you have 3 cups of
strawberries you'd add 1/2 cup sugar.

Or you can just skip the sugar and dry pack the strawberries. Simply wash and stem the strawberries place them in freezer bags, seal label and add to the freezer. Easy!

Canning Strawberries I don't have a page built on canning strawberries yet but here are some brief directions.

You'll need to wash your strawberries and take off the greens. Measure how much you have and place strawberries in a large pot. For each quart (1 quart = 4 cups) of strawberries add 1/2 to 3/4 cups sugar. Stir to coat strawberries with the
sugar. Let them sit for 5 or 6 hours in a cool place. This will start the juices flowing from the strawberries.

Then heat and cook until sugar dissolves and strawberries are heated through. Pack the strawberries and syrup into hot jars leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Process pints in a water bath
canner for 10 minutes quarts for 15 minutes. Check my waterbath
canning page
for step by step instructions on how to process the jars.

I hope this helps you decide what to do.


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Thank You!!
by: Julie

I am so glad I stumbled upon this page... Like the person in the original post, I was having a hard time deciphering which way to can/freeze strawberries is the right way.

Your directions seem more logical and straightforward to me. I'm headed to the strawberry patch this weekend, so now I'm ready to roll! Thanks again.

Need Advice
by: Mel

Hi - What a great post. Thank you.

I am new to canning and saw your advice for canning strawberries. Can you tell me once they are canned, what is the shelf life? Also - any recommendations on how to use/what to do with the strawberries once they are canned? Thank you.

Since they are cooked they will be softer than fresh strawberries. You could mash them up a bit and serve over pancakes or pound cake. Use for strawberry shortcake.

They'd make a great ice cream topping. Or how about strawberry milk shakes, or you could do something similar to my peach slushies.

not that great whole
by: jen h

Hello, i have canned my first batch of strawberries this past week, and i have found that since we did them whole, they have lost color, and there taste is not as good.

Even though they are not good to us whole, we have figured out that we can puree them and use them in pancake mixs, cakes, muffins, and other baked good.

We are going to attempt canning them again by using a light honey syrup and pureeing them first, then processing them. i hope this works.

Strawberries came out too liquidy
by: Shellie

Hi, I just canned 45 jars of strawberries for jelly and the next day noticed that the jelly is still too liquidy. I canned the same way last year and it was off and on this way.
I followed the directions explicitly from Ball cookbook. Some came out right and some were more like this syrup. What is causing this and how can I fix it?

Usually if your jam is too liquid it means you could have cooked it longer. Also the pectin levels in the fruit will vary with different ripeness.

by: alice

I canned strawberrys this week for the first time. i washed them, then sliced them and put them in jars packed, with water and did the water bath. i learned that if you don't put water in, they will not seal. the fruit is on top and the water on the bottom. I didn't add any sugar. do you have to cover the fruit with water or just put in a little. also when you do a water bath do the jars have to be covered with water or half way up the jars. I have a lot more berries and I'll try adding sugar and let them sit first. thank you,

Yes you need to have the jars completely submerged in the water. Here are full water bath canning directions.

by: Marie

I am so glad u posted this I want to can some strawberries for the first time can u put them in a pressure cooker in stead of a water bath I only have a pressure cooker and for how long to pressure cook them. Thank you

Your best bet is to just use your pressure cooker as a waterbath. So fill up the pot enough to cover your jars with water and follow waterbath instructions. Put your lid on the pot... but don't latch it down. You don't want any pressure build up.

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