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Waterbath canning in a deep stock pot.


I am going to try canning, and have a large pot to use, but I don't have a rack for the bottom. Is there anything else I can use as a sub for that rack. I don't want to have to buy the pot if I don't continue to can. ~ Christina TN

Christina, Here are some options.

Any kind of rack will do. It just needs to keep the jars up off the bottom of the pot. It is nice if it will separate the jars too, but not essential.

Do you have another pot that has a rack that will fit in the bottom of your deep pot? Do you have a round roaster that has a rack that would fit?

I occasionally use a rack from a small pressure cooker that fits in the bottom of my blancher. But that is only for small loads.

This is kind of unusual but, I have a neighbor who is from the Ukraine. She uses a thick piece of board in her canner. I am not sure what kind of wood it is but that is what she has.

Maybe these ideas will give you an idea of something you already have.

I don't know if you like second hand shopping but check out your local goodwill. They just might have something you can use for practically nothing... OR better yet, they may even have a canner.

Measure your pot and see if a regular rack will fit. You can purchase just the rack pretty inexpensively.

I have also seen mini canning racks that are smaller than standard.

Here is a link to my canning rack page with another creative idea from one of my readers.


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