Canning previously frozen foods?

by Doc

If my electric went out can I cook then can frozen veg's, meats?


Hi, that is a great question. My answer with meats is yes. Be sure it is completely thawed and then pressure can as usual.

Canning Meat

With Vegetables, I believe it would be safe, what I'm not sure of is the quality of the final product. I'm afraid it might get mushy.

I did a search for more information from my extension service and did find this article.

If Your Freezer Stops

In discussing options for when the freezer goes out this comment was made:

"keep canning supplies on hand to preserve food when there is no chance of using your freezer soon."

I would make the assumption that means it is safe. They do not mention the quality of the food after canning.

But sometimes mushy green beans are better than no green beans Eh?

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