Canning Pressure

by Terrie

If canning at 15 lbs. pressure, could you reduce the time set for 10 lbs. pressure? What is the difference in the two pressures?

Most recipes call for 10 lbs pressure, but my weighted gauge is at 15 lbs.



Terrie, I would not change the time for your recipe. Even though the pressure you are using is higher, my recommendation is to keep the same processing time. It won't hurt to process higher but it could hurt to under process.

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Oct 15, 2010
Canning Pressure
by: akaangrywhiteman

The difference between a psig of 10lbs and 15lbs is directly related to temperature.

The accompanying link will tell it better than I.

That being said, I agree the times published by the food safety people should be followed.

Sep 04, 2013
Canning Pressure also has to do with Altitude. NEW
by: Anonymous

Some canners and some recipes require you to do Altitude Adjustments. My canner says: The Processing times given in the specific vegetable recipes are for altitudes of 1,000 feet or less. When canning above 1,000 feet, process at 15 pounds of pressure. Processing time is the same at all altitudes. So, make sure you read and find out your altitude for where you live.

Oct 08, 2013
15# pressure NEW
by: Crystal

Canning at 15# pressure is different than 10# pressure as you do reduce your time greatly!

For instance, for quarts of beans can at 15# for 10 minutes. I can qts. of sweet corn at 15# for 10 minutes.

Nothing is written on 15# pressure but experience tells us it is possible or the mark would not be on the pressure gauge and the weight. The Amish can at 15 # pressure which greatly reduces the time being able to get more canned in a day and yes, it is safe though the University and information people will not say so.

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