Canning Potato Soup

by Edward
(Smithville, Texas)

I canned several mason jars with homemade potato soup. After two-three days the liquid seeped out of the jar, and left the solid. I made other soups at the same time, but did not have this happen to those jars. Is this an issue just with starches?


Hi Edward,

Not knowing what your ingredients are, I will assume your potato soup has dairy products in it. If so you should know that the USDA does not recommend canning with any milk products.

It could also have to do with your processing. If you only did a boiling water bath that will cause problems, or if you did not process long enough.

I hope this helps. Without knowing just what you did it is very hard for me to say.

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Apr 08, 2011
Canning Potato Soup
by: gloria

I canned 6 mason jars of potato soup after 1 to 2 hours jars sealed you could hear them popping.Three days later the lids where bulged i removed the lids and the soup was fermenting.

Nov 14, 2011
Potato Soup
by: LeAnn

I have a recipe for Potato Soup I was wondering if it would be ok to can.It calls for
chicken broth
and then the cream which I know I can't add until I open the jar and ready to eat the soup.

It looks good. Follow the directions for canning soup here.

Mar 18, 2012
All ways youse this rule
by: HarVy

When I can ANY Thing after 1 day I Back the outer ring 1 full turn as I have seen jars expolde & it it hapends when your around it You may be picking out glas out of you body OR BECOME Blind. If you just back the ring off , it may leak if bad but your safe from exploding Jars.
Hope this helps

Sep 21, 2013
Canning potato soup for the first time...
by: ML White

I was wondering if it was safe to can a potato soup with broth and bacon as well as onion and corn. I imagine I will add the milk when I open the cans to heat it up. Possibly the jars didn't seal properly if they had too much in them and didn't leave room for expansion or again, dairy products. I'm going to give it a good try and see what I think.

Sep 21, 2013
Canning Potato Soup(sealing after 2 Hr.s)
by: Harvy

Any soup or all most anything that takes 2 hr.s to seal after processing, tells me that it never got to its temperature that it needs to seal. it should seal after 30 min.s at the most (I would say ) !

Sep 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

i can potatoes with no problem but tried potato soup and all lids poped with in 3 days i blame it on the cream ..didnt want to freeze it as it gets runny..oh well make it eat it

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