Canning Olive Tapenade

by Jenny

Is canning an Olive Tapenade for Christmas gifts possible? I have looked and looked and not found any recipes for doing this,

It sounds like there may be some concern about olives and canning but the recipes for Tapenade have other ingredents. Can you suggest any resources?


Hi Jenny,

I'm afraid I can't help you with this one. I am not familiar with Olive Tapenade. I did a search to see if I could find something on canning it. I found some great sounding recipes but nothing on canning it.

My only suggestion is to call a local extension service and see if they have any information.

Sorry I am not of more help.


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Canning Olive Tapenade
by: Anonymous

I too am looking for information on canning olive tapenade. There are lots of different types of tapenade with lots of different ingredients, but my questions mostly concerns the olive portion of the recipe. They have already been brined and preserved, can you mix these olives with other fresh or canned ingredients and then re-can the whole thing?

Sharon's response

I'd have to repeat my advice to the first poster and tell you your best bet is to call your local extension service.

Chives in Olive Oil
by: Anonymous

Chop home grown organic chives, stuff in pint jars fill with organic extra virgin olive oil. Store in frig. after a week the olive oil will solidify and the chives will turn sweet - great for cooking and spreading on to all types of bread. And or saute meats & veggies. They keep for months. Just a good grade of olive oil and chives, nothing but flavor.

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